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Utah is an endless resource for outdoor enthusiasts. 80% of the state is set aside for public use. From red rock gorges as low as 3000 feet to peaks as high as 13,000 feet, you can discover the outdoors at all extremes. Within minutes of Utah's metropolitan areas you can enjoy the peaceful tranquility of the great outdoors. Utah Outdoor Activities is designed to be your online resource to the Utah outdoors. You can explore activities such as camping, hiking trails, rock hounding, fishing, ATV trails, wildlife viewing, skiing, snowboarding and more.

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Geysers of Utah and Surrounding States

Geysers of Utah and Surrounding StatesWhen most people think of geysers, they immediately associate the word with Yellowstone National Park. This is unsurprising because the park is home to thousands of geothermal features and hundreds of active geysers.

Soda Springs Geyser

Soda Springs GeyserThe Soda Springs Captive Geyser was accidentally created by man. This is not a natural geyser like those found in Yellowstone National Park; nonetheless, this geyser is unique and has some great history tied to it as well.

Yurt Camping in Utah

Yurt Camping in UtahUtah has more than 30 yurts available for rent and winter is one of the most enjoyable times to stay in them. These yurts are scattered throughout the state, with the largest concentration being in the Uintah Mountains.

St. George Utah

St. George UtahDid you know St. George enjoys about 300 sunny days a year? Even in the midst of wintry December days, the average temperature is above 40 degrees. Think of what that kind of sunniness and warmth could do for your outdoor adventures.

Is Forrest Fenn’s Legendary Treasure in Utah?

Is Forrest Fenn’s Legendary Treasure in Utah? If Forrest Fenn is telling the truth, there’s a treasure worth millions of dollars somewhere in the mountains north of Santa Fe, New Mexico. And many people believe the loot is somewhere in close proximity to Utah.

Utah Weekend Getaway - Bear Lake Raspberry Days

Bear Lake Raspberry DaysIn this Utah Weekend Getaway we travel to Bear Lake to enjoy the many festivities around the annual event called Raspberry Days. A trip to Bear Lake on any weekend is fun, enjoyable, and relaxing.

Utah Day Trip – Exploring Historic Tooele County

Iosepa UtahFor those who enjoy exploring Utah’s historical past, this Utah day trip may interest you. Within 40 minutes from Salt Lake City, you, your family, or friends can enjoy a day trip to Tooele County to explore some of the historical sites found in this part of the state.

Utah Weekend Getaways - Hoodoos, Slot Canyons, Rock Art

Harold Mill / Goshen Warm SpringsThis is the first in our getaway series. If you are looking for adventures for yourself, you and some friends or your family, but don’t know where to start, we have a few ideas for you.

Condors in Zion National Park / Southeastern Utah

Harold Mill / Goshen Warm SpringsTo see a condor in flight is stunning. With a wingspan of nearly 10 feet, they’re like small aircraft. They can reach speeds up to 50 miles per hour and travel hundreds of miles in a single day.

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