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While visiting the Sportsmen’s Expo in Salt Lake City, we met Ben Black owner of Black Hawk Tours in Blanding Utah. Black Hawk Tours offers guided ATV tours to some of the most incredible sites you will ever see. We had dreamed of taking one of Ben’s tours and this year we had the opportunity. Black Hawk Tours offers ATV’s for rent or your can bring your own.

For two days Ben took us on a tour to the lost civilization of the Anasazi Indians. This is some of the most beautiful country we have ever seen. He showed us canyons, mesas, bluffs, and rivers. Not to mention the real attractions of old mines and Anasazi Indian ruins that are only accessible by ATV, horse or hiking. This was the most incredible tour we have ever been on. Not only did we get to see history, we got to feel it, touch it, and step back in time and see how these ancient people lived, worked and played. To be able to ride ATV's through this beautiful country and come to an Ancient civilization of huts, pit houses and cliff dwellings is almost indescribable. Not only were we guided into this incredible culture, but we were pampered and spoiled by Ben and Company on the way. The food and drinks were awesome and plentiful. Ben's son even brought a watermelon; what a wonderful treat on a dusty trail.

The trails were easy enough for an average rider with several area's we would rate as difficult. Ben offered an easier alternate route for anyone not comfortable with the difficult areas. It made for an incredible trip that was safe, yet fun for everyone. Ben, You and your staff are awesome we can't thank you enough!! You can bet we'll be back! What an incredible world you live and play in. Your Tours are the best without question. You know where to go and what to see, and you make it all so effortless for your guests. What a combination of beauty, history and service you provide. Ben is from this area and has raised his family bringing them to these sites for over a decade. We were told that no one knows the area better than Ben. We can only tell our readers to save your pennies and come take this tour. Every year it seems they close or try to close more and more of this area to ATV travel. Don't wait; you never know how long you will be allowed in to see these incredible sites.

Lucky enough for us we came down during the San Juan Safari, an ATV trip not much different than the ATV Jamboree in Richfield each year. One of the big differences was the guides. Our guide was fantastic and had wealth of historical knowledge, be sure to ask him about Posie's trail when you go! He knew the area well and had plenty to show us. He was excited to share his knowledge and experience with us without reservation. He made the ride safe and fun for everyone. Some of the trails were pretty rough, they tested your four wheel drive and your riding skills but we didn't take any chances, everyone made it through just fine, even if Ben did have to hold us upright a time or two. Whether on your own ATV's, or if you rent ATV's right here from Ben; however you want to get here just do it you'll be glad you did. The beauty, the history, and the majesty of this awesome country is here just waiting for you.

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