Conestoga Ranch - Bear Lake Utah

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Conestoga Ranch - Bear Lake, Utah

The Conestoga Ranch Resort is the newest attraction at Bear Lake. However, this is a different kind of resort than most of you are used to staying in. It’s a glamourous, comfortable camping trend that is sweeping the nation called Glamping. Before I explain what Glamping is to those of you who may not know, let me give you a little history about my personal Bear Lake experiences.

For the majority of my life Bear Lake has always been a family getaway destination. I remember my very first visit when my parents purchased their property, and I’ll never forget the story I was told about the lake, which of course was the "legend of the Bear Lake Monster" and how it’s said to be a bottomless lake. Also, I remember the first time plunging into the turquoise-blue water, and being a little sketchy at the time of hearing these stories. My family and I will always cherish the wonderful memories this beautiful place has provided us over the years while we create more in the years to come.

Conestoga Ranch - Bear Lake, Utah

Over all these years I have witnessed Bear Lake transform and grow into the vacation destination hub it is today. People from all over the country and around the world visit and enjoy the many outdoor activities available from the amenities, watercraft rentals, ATV trails, hiking, dining, shopping, and of course Raspberry Days. This is what makes Bear Lake the ultimate annual family vacation destination for most.

We are one of those families who make the 3 hour drive from Salt Lake City, Utah every summer and are still beyond amazed to see the growth and what’s new to Bear Lake.

Imagine our family after all these years of coming to Bear Lake driving through Garden City, Utah and saying out loud, Wow… look at the new store with cute Bear décor on the porch, or look at the new restaurant, I cannot wait to eat one of those delicious Raspberry shakes they’re selling (this is a tradition of course).

Conestoga Ranch - Bear Lake, Utah

It seems that Bear Lake grows a little more each year, and this year was no different. As we were making our way down HWY 89 not only did we see more growth we saw something very unique. Okay, wait just a minute, imagine again our family driving down the road doing a little exploring, shopping, and actively fulfilling our Raspberry shake craving, when in stereo we said "are those covered wagons on the hill"? Yes, there were covered wagons on the hill, and the newest addition to Bear Lake called the Conestoga Ranch.

What is the Conestoga Ranch?

The Conestoga Ranch is Bear Lakes first-ever Glamping resort. The ranch provides those annual visitors to Bear Lake a unique opportunity to enjoy camping at a whole new level. Glamping, as I mentioned earlier, is what's considered glamorous camping and the Conestoga Ranch is exactly this. It offers its visitors a unique camping atmosphere; like the smell of a campfire, the fresh mountain air, and the beautiful views, without sacrificing luxury and comfort.

Conestoga Ranch - Bear Lake, Utah

That’s right, each of the Conestoga Wagons and tents come fully equipped with soft beds, fresh linens, lighting, power outlets, as well as WIFI. The grand tent sleeps 8 people and includes a private bathroom with running water and all the at home amenities.

The accommodations at the Conestoga Ranch cater to a couple looking for a romantic getaway, to single families, corporate retreats, or a family reunion. The ranch can accommodate up to 160 guests. The Conestoga Wagons are a full size replica that can be moved to a different location on the property, if you desire, or they can be placed in a circle, and your entire party can enjoy a camping experience as if you were traveling by wagon across the country in the late 1800’s as the pioneers did.

Additional Amenities:

The resort also includes a main lodge that offers a general store, private bathrooms and showers (for those that aren’t equipped with these), laundry facilities, and a shake shack where you can order one of Bear Lake’s famous raspberry shakes.

Conestoga Ranch - Bear Lake, Utah

Oh, and don’t think they haven’t thought about or included some fabulous things for the kids as well. Located next to the general store is a game tent the kids can enjoy as well as a playground. And when the family is ready to enjoy the outdoor activities Bear Lake is known for, you can rent a paddle board, a single/double bicycle, or just get out an enjoy the sandy beaches.

After a hard day of play you can come back, relax in comfort and enjoy a tasty burger, steak, or a brick oven Pizza at the Conestoga Campfire Grill.

The grand opening of the Conestoga Ranch was July 1, 2015 and they’ve had steady reservations since then. With of course their busiest time being Raspberry Days. However, with September quickly approaching this would be the perfect time to book a stay at the ranch and take a Glamping experience the whole family will enjoy.

Conestoga Ranch - Bear Lake, Utah

We’re also told there are new things that will be taking place next season at the resort and we’re beyond excited to see what these will be. If you would like to learn more about the Conestoga Ranch click here.

We would like to thank Tom, who was so gracious to take the time out of his busy day to show us around his wonderful Glamping resort.

Tip: If you are wanting to avoid the crowds and peak season be sure to book a stay at the resort in May, June or September.

Contact Information:

Conestoga Ranch - Bear Lake, Utah

427 W. Paradise Parkway

Garden City, Utah

Official Website

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