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Fishing Gift Guide

Article by Spencer Durrant -- Back To Fishing Utah

The best thing about having a fisherman in your family is the fact that they’re really easy to shop for when the holidays roll around. Not a fisherman alive isn’t as excited as a little kid when he or she unwraps a bundle of new gear under the tree on Christmas morning.

This is a quick fishing gift guide that should help you find some specific gear for the fisherman in your family. I’ve listed out the gear a fisherman needs, what the best value is for that item, as well as my personal pick. You’ll find something for every fisherman in this gift guide!


Best Value: Neoprene waders, like the Cabela’s Roaring Fork Waders ($69.99). Neoprene waders are usually around $50-70, depending on thickness. For a year-round fisherman, neoprene waders are a great buy.

My pick: While I fish year round and do have neoprene waders, I’m partial to breathable waders. You can stay warm enough in them during the winter months, and they’re lighter than neoprene. You can spend anywhere from $100-900 on breathable waders, but my pick is the Redington SonicDry waders ($399.95).


Spinning rods

Best Value: Ugly Stik GX2 ($39.95). Ugly Stik has long made rods that are legendary for how durable they are. My personal Ugly Stik (for those rare occasions I still throw lures) has been slammed in the door of my truck multiple times, and still looks brand new.

My Pick: I fished a lot of spinning rods before becoming a dedicated flinger of flies, and I never used a rod I liked better than the Ugly Stik. You just can’t go wrong with one!

Fly Rods

Best Value: Redington Crosswater ($69.95). For a more experienced fly fisherman, the Crosswater is a step down in terms of functionality; but for the new-to-intermediate fly fisherman, the Crosswater is a great option.

My Pick: Superfine Glass 4-weight 7'6" Fly Rod ($395). Fiberglass rods are no longer the flimsy stick of the 1970s. Many rodmakers are starting to offer better glass rods, and Ovris’ Superfine glass rod is the best. As an avid fisherman of glass rods, I’m very partial to this rod.


Spinning reels

Best Value: Shakespeare Contender Spinning Reel ($25). The Contender comes from one of the spinning world’s biggest manufacturers in Shakespeare. For $25, this reel is very durable and handles fish well.

My Pick: Quantum SL25PTI Smoke PTi Spinning Reel ($159). I’m a firm believer in buying the best gear you can, and for $160, the Quantum Smoke is a fabulous reel for a great price. Fashioned from aluminium and sporting 16 lbs of fish-stopping power in the drag, the Quantum is a great choice.

Fly rod reels

Best Value: Okuma SLV Reel ($69). Okuma has made a name for themselves in the fly fishing world with great value and great prices. Their SLV reel series is great for any level of fly fisherman and won’t break the bank.

My Pick: Ross Reels F1 Fly Reel ($475). While this reel is really expensive, it’s worth the cost. The drag system, hidden from water and dirt with 10 O-rings, and as much carbon fiber as an F1 racecar, the F1 is a beautiful piece of gear.

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