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Cooking Outdoors

If you're planning a camping trip, backpacking trip, horseback riding, trail riding, family picnic or any other outdoor activity; take along GoFoods entrees, breakfast, drinks and snacks and enjoy quick, easy, tasty meals in minutes. With GoFoods just add water entrees, you can enjoy a nutritious meal in 20 minutes or less and one package feeds up to 4 people. No matter where your outdoor adventures take you GoFoods is on the go just like you.

GoFoods for Camping:

Whether you camp in a RV, tent, or under the stars, GoFoods products make the prefect camping food. Cooking GoFoods is quick and easy. Just choose your meal, add the directed amount of water to your pan, pour in your contents, follow cooking directions and serve. Spend more time enjoying the great outdoors and less time preparing breakfast, lunches and dinners.

GoFoods for Scouting:

Those involved in scouting know how difficult in can be to prepare a scouting trip with all the necessary food needed to feed dozens of hungry scouts. With GoFoods lightweight packages of nutritious food you can pack days of food in one small container. Whether your taking a weekend fishing trip or a week long backpacking trip you will have the piece of mind knowing that you have enough food on hand. GoFoods products can also be used as a teaching tool. With a shelf live of 15 + years they can be used teach the importance of survival food and food storage. Use GoFoods easy to prepare meals to help those earn their cooking merit badges.

GoFoods for Backpacking:

I have tried many outdoor food products on the market for backpacking; some great, some not so great. Because the taste, ease a preparation, nutritional value and the amount of servings, GoFoods products meet or even beat the leading suppliers of outdoor food. GoFoods dehydrated backpacking foods are packaged in small lightweight pouches that allow you to pack many days of delicious meals adding little weight to your backpack. Take along your water purifier and all you need to enjoy a GoFoods meal is a cooking source.

Guides and Outfitters:

Treat your customers to quality meals that taste great and can be prepared in minutes. GoFoods products will save you time and money. GoFoods products will not spoil, need no refrigeration and everything is packed in one small package. GoFoods is prefect for river guides, horseback guides, hunting guides, fishing guides and more.

GoFoods for Family Reunions and Group Activities:

At about $1.99 per serving GoFoods products are cost effective for feeding large groups of people. Although GoFoods products taste great as is, the meals are very universal and can added too. Visit the recipe page for more information.

Before your next outdoor adventure have a GoFoods sample delivered right to your door. You will receive 12 servings of food and 3 beverages for FREE; just for trying our food. Just pay $9.95 for shipping and handling. A $40.00 value.

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