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The Blue Lake WMA is located 15 miles south of Wendover. This 215 acre management area consists of several clear deep hot spring fed lakes/ponds with an extensive wetland complex surrounding them. Blue Lake is the largest of these lakes with a depth of approx 58 feet deep. With a winter surface temperature of 76 degrees Blue Lake is very popular for Scuba-Divers from November thru May.

On our visit to Blue Lake there were several dive schools certifying their students. After speaking with a few of these divers we discovered that on the bottom of Blue Lake are the remains of several boats, platforms and even a 12 foot Hammer Head Shark, don't worry the Shark won't bite, it's made of metal. All of these items were placed on the bottom to provide features for the divers to locate while they train.

All though Blue Lake is very popular for divers other activities are available including fishing and waterfowl hunting. Blue Lake and several other surrounding ponds support a variety a fish species such as Largemouth Bass, Blue Gill and Sunfish. Fisherman are welcome to fish Blue Lake, even when the divers are present in the water. The divers spend most of there time around the dock and in the middle of the lake. The bass will be more present along the shorelines.

If you want to get away from all the traffic at Blue Lake the first few ponds you see when entering the WMA also hold fish. These ponds are surrounded by cattails so use caution when approaching them. We estimated these small ponds to average about 8 feet deep and they drop straight down from the shore. A little farther east is another large pond with better access and shallower water. We found the fish to be very finicky eaters, after changing lures and baits several times, small shiny flashing spinners seem to work best for the Bluegill and Sunfish.

It's possible to waterfowl hunt this WMA, but with all the traffic from the divers on the weekends we found that not many ducks stick around. There are several huntable ponds and wetland areas. If planning to hunt the warm ponds bring a retriever to retrieve your game. We did spot several flocks of ducks and even swans but they bypassed this unit. Watch for the signs as this WMA is surrounded by military property.

Motor vehicle use is confined to the access road and parking areas. Pack it in, Pack it out.

Directions: To get to Blue Lake from Salt Lake City travel on I-80 west to Wendover Nevada. Once in Wendover travel to HWY 93 which is located across from the Pepper Hotel and Casino. Travel south on HWY 93 for approx 14 miles to the Blue Lake Sign. Turn east and travel down a rough wash board road for approx 5 miles. When dry, cars can travel this dirt road as it's mostly just annoying small bumps.

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