The Great Stone Face - Millard County

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The Great Stone Face - Millard County

Located just west of Delta is this natural rock formation known as the "Guardian of Deseret". When the Mormon Pioneers traveled hundreds of miles by wagon train and handcarts to settle this western wilderness they discovered this familiar looking rock face. Was this the face of their beloved prophet and leader Joseph Smith, who was killed at the hands of a mob while in the protection of government authorities?

The location of the Great Stone Face was populated for hundreds of years by local Indians before the Mormon Pioneers settled this area. One can only assume that these local Indians also saw the face of their great chieftains portrayed in this natural stone formation.

Located along the roadside just before the parking area is the Great Stone Face Petroglyphs site. The meaning of these writings is unknown, but some authorities think these symbols were an agreement dividing water and hunting rights among the Indians of the lower Sevier River area.

From the parking area you will have a good view of the stone face, but if you want to get up close you will have to do a small hike. Just to the south of the parking area is the trail that will lead you to the base of the stone face.

Be sure you have a good pair of tennis shoes, or hiking boots as this area is an old lava flow. The rock is very jagged and sharp. If visiting this area in the summer months be sure to bring plenty of water. On our visit we spent some time cleaning up beer cans and trash that were left below the Petroglyphs site. Please pack out what you bring in!

Great Stone Face Petroglyphs site

Driving Directions:

From Delta travel approx 5 miles on HWY 50-6 to HWY 257. On HWY 257 travel for approx 6.1 miles to the Great Stone Face turn off. The parking area will be located approx another 5.8 miles. On the way to the Great Stone Face be sure to stop and visit Fort Deseret.

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