Hermit's Cave Marjum Pass

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Hermit's Cave Marjum Pass

The Hermit's Cave was constructed by a man named Bob Stinson. Bob served his country in World War I. Upon returning home from the war he learned that his girlfriend left and married another man. Heart broke he decided to travel to Delta Utah to visit his brother in 1929.

While making his way through the Marjum Pass just 45 miles from Delta Utah; Bob's house on wheels broke down. Looking for shelter Bob located a small natural cave in the side of a canyon. By using local rock, he enclosed the front of the cave which is now known as the Hermit's Cave House, or Hermit's Cabin. Bob was often called the Hermit of Marjum Pass.

The government paid him to keep the pass clear of debris, as it was at the time the major east/west highway from Delta to Nevada. To earn extra spending money he trapped bobcats and coyotes, mixed poisons for the government to kill grasshoppers, and he even raised a handful of sheep. When Bob would have visitors, out of the greatness of his heart, he would offer them a glass of home brew.

Hermit's Cave Marjum Pass

In 1951 Bob lost his road job when the new paved highway was built several miles to the south. Bob, then in his 70's, moved into Delta to be near a few more creature comforts. At the age of 80 when Bob passed away he was cremated and his ashes were spread at the base of the rock house he built in Marjum Pass. Please protect the Hermit's Cave for many more generations. Please don't lean on the walls and don't leave your mark in anyway. Always pack out your trash.

Driving Directions:

From Delta, travel west on highway 6&50 for 33 miles and turn right at the U-Dig Fossil sign. Travel north on the gravel road for 10.4 miles to a 4-way intersection. At this intersection turn left to the Marjum Pass; drive west for 12.8 miles. The rock house is located in a narrow canyon, which is the last small side canyon on the north side of the Marjum Pass Road.

Hermit's Cave Marjum Pass

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