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In this article we are going to break down the assembly process of the ViperSharp Knife Sharpening System. If you missed the first article that introduces the system click here.

Because so much thought went into designing this system the setup process is quick, easy, and only requires a few parts. As mentioned in the previous article the basic system includes a hard cutting board style plastic base with the option to upgrade to a heavy stone base. We chose to upgrade to the heavy stone base for several reasons. The most important reason is the stone base is heavy and it allows the sharpening system to be used anywhere.

Assembling the ViperSharp:

ViperSharp Knife Sharpening System

The first step to assembling the system is to connect the upright system to the stone or plastic base using the large bolt from the hardware bag. You will tighten this bolt slightly use the larger Allen wrench included with the system.

The next step is to take the bearing for the guide rod and screw it into the inner adjustable post. Once tight, back the screw out a quarter of a turn. This will help you achieve the best results for your sharpening strokes.

Next, simply slide the clamp into the clamp receiving rail.

Last, but not least, slide the guide rod with the stone carriage through the bearing on top of the upright system.

Finally, tighten the locking ring onto the guide rod and snap on the sharpening stone of your choice.

And just like that you’re ready to put an edge on your favorite knife. It’s that easy and simple. One thing we continue to notice about the ViperSharp System is the quality and how compact the system is.

This system also includes a lifetime warranty, so if anything should go wrong, you are covered. It’s nice to see a company stand behind their product and their customers.

For additional information and videos on the ViperSharp Knife Sharpening System, please click on the links below.

Introducing the ViperSharp

How to use the ViperSharp

We here at Utah Outdoor Activities find this product beneficial for anyone who likes knives and is serious about keeping their knives sharp. A sharp knife is a safe knife. If you are interested in the system and choose to make a purchase, enter coupon code UOA10 during checkout and save 10% off your next order.

More Information:

ViperSharp Offical Website

Coupon Code: UOA10 saves you 10%

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FTC Disclosure: The ViperSharp Sharpening System was personally purchased by us. If you’d like to do more research for yourself, please click on any of the links above. If you choose to purchase this system to help keep your knives sharp and ready for their next outdoor use, Utah Outdoor Activities may receive a small commission. These commissions help us continue to bring you more outdoor information, and help keep this site up and running. Thank you for visiting and for your ongoing support.

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