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I think most would agree that a knife is a tool. We use them for all kinds of things like utensils at the dinner table, we carry them when we hike or hunt right? A knife is intended to be sharp, but like most people, your knives are probably dull.

In this article we are going to talk about how to fix that dull knife using the ViperSharp knife sharpening system. You are less likely to cut yourself if your knife is sharp. A sharp knife stands less a chance of slipping off the surface of whatever it is your cutting and it takes less effort and force than a dull knife.

ViperSharp Knife Sharpening System

The first thing we want to talk about is the different stones that come with the basic ViperSharp system.

Knowing which stone to choose is important.

Next, simply slide the clamp into the clamp receiving rail.

Selecting your stone:

• Course 80 Grit

• Course 220 Grit

• Medium 400 Grit

• Fine 600 Grit

• Ultra-Fine 1200 Grit

• Leather Strop

Note: We recommend using water as a lubrication for your stones. Soak them for at least ten minutes before sharpening. Wash your stones with hot soapy water as needed. If you use a honing oil on your stones you can no longer use water.

Choosing which stone to use is really quite easy. It depends on if your blade is badly damaged or just needs to have the edge brought back to the blade. The course stones are used to recondition a blade. Be conservative when using the 80 Grit stone because it will take off a lot of metal quickly. You can start off using the 220 Grit for most knives that just need the edge brought back. While sharpening your knife you will want to start off with the medium stone, and then a fine stone, ultra fine stone, and then take the leather strop to the blade to remove any burrs and put a polish on the blade.

Setting your angle:

The basic idea in all knife sharpening is to maintain a consistent angle of contact between the knife and the sharpening stone. You want to sharpen at the same angle your knife came with from the factory. On most quality outdoors blades, that's 20 degrees on each side. I use that angle for kitchen and other knives too, just to keep my life simple. 20 degrees will give you a good, strong edge that's not prone to rolling.

The ViperSharp system includes an adjustable post including angle markings. The first mark is approximately 16 degrees. Each mark changes the angle approximately 1 degree. Using a digital angle finder will give you a more precise angle if you want that. The ViperSharp system will allow angles as low as 10 degrees on wide blades, such as kitchen knives, or up to 35 degrees. You choose the angle.

Clamp Placement:

ViperSharp Knife Sharpening System

The clamp should be placed in the center of the blade aligned straight between the point of the blade(tip) and the rear part of the edge, or the (heel) of the blade.

Sharpening Strokes:

Start your stroke at the heel of the blade and move the stone toward the tip of the blade. To sharpen the knife evenly, count your strokes and do the same number on each side. I typically do 20 strokes on one side, 20 on the other, then evaluate my results.

Once you’ve completed sharpening on one side of the blade flip it over by sliding the clamp out of the clamp receiving rail to the other side of the blade and continue to sharpen the other side.

The ViperSharp system takes all the guesswork out of sharpening a knife. It gives you consistent sharpening angles and uniform strokes every time.

There are a lot of sharpening systems out there, but the ViperSharp knife sharpening system is strokes above the competition. It’s not bulky or big, there’s no slop in the guide rod, the base holds the sharpener firmly, the infinite angle adjustment is quick and easy with the turn of a knob, the stones swap out fast and aren’t set in the handle. The design is an overhaul that corrected many of the problems in other sharpening systems out there. Give this a try. I am confident you will be happy with the ViperSharp!

For additional information and videos on the ViperSharp Knife Sharpening System, please click on the links below.

Introducing the ViperSharp

Assembling the ViperSharp

We here at Utah Outdoor Activities find this product beneficial for anyone who likes knives and is serious about keeping their knives sharp. A sharp knife is a safe knife. If you are interested in the system and choose to make a purchase, enter coupon code UOA10 during checkout and save 10% off your next order.

More Information:

ViperSharp Offical Website

Coupon Code: UOA10 saves you 10%

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FTC Disclosure: The ViperSharp Sharpening System was personally purchased by us. If you’d like to do more research for yourself, please click on any of the links above. If you choose to purchase this system to help keep your knives sharp and ready for their next outdoor use, Utah Outdoor Activities may receive a small commission. These commissions help us continue to bring you more outdoor information, and help keep this site up and running. Thank you for visiting and for your ongoing support.

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