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Baker hot springs provides three tubs for soaking. Each of the three tubs in large enough to accommodate several people. Two sources of water fill the tubs. One ditch carries the hot water while the another carries the cold water. You have complete control over the temperature. Baker is very popular for the nearby town of Detla, so skinny dippers beware. While visiting this spring I talked to a couple of locals who where draining and cleaning the tubs, this is no small chore, as they were scrubbing the walls with a brush and bleach. They also had several trash bags full of trash that someone left behind.

Please respect the efforts put forth by these locals, if it were not for them these tubs would not be as inviting as they are. Please clean up your trash and do your part in keeping these springs enjoyable for all. The spring has a large parking area that can accommodate several vehicles. To the north of the parking area there is a small dirt road that will take you to the source of the springs. The source is within walking distance from the tubs, about 200 yards. If you visit this area be sure to keep track of your kids, as there are several hot pools they could easily slip into. 

Use caution when visiting Baker Springs. The hot water source is extremely hot and needs to be cooled before you can soak.

Directions: Baker Hot Springs is located 16 miles west of the Intermountain Power Plant near Delta. Turn towards the Intermountain Power Plant (HWY174) from US-6 just south of Lynndyl, Utah. Head west 16 to 18 miles. Turn right onto the next dirt road you come to (it's the only road to the right that has a stop sign, 16 to 18 miles west of US-6) and follow that road 7 miles. Watch for the willows off the right side of the road.

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