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Ice Fishing with the HawkEye Portable Fish Finder

Ice Fishing with the HawkEye Portable Fish Finder

Locating the fish under a large expanse of ice is one of the biggest challenges for most ice fisherman. Are they in a few feet of water, or 50 feet of water? Are they cruising just below the ice or hugging the bottom? And let's not forget the struggle of what they are biting on? Read More!

Stove In A Can Outdoor Review

The Stove In A Can is the perfect backup. It is a portable, self-contained, cooking platform that requires no propane and it is safe to store in your vehicle, your trailer, motor home, ATV, Boat, or anywhere in your home. Read More!

Emberlit Cooking Stove Review

Because of how incomplex the Emberlit stove is constructed I believe it to be a really SOUND product that is here to stay. I have found that the simpler something is, the better it is. Emberlit is basic but beautiful. Read More!

Cotopaxi Inca 16L Backpack Review

For most outdoor enthusiasts, when searching for outdoor gear, we look at brand, quality, construction, and if the gear fits a specific need. We tend to focus on big brand names that have proven to provide quality outdoor gear. Read More!

Redington Vapen Black Fly Rod Review

A lot of new fly rods have been launched recently, but one that’s had my eye for a long time has been the Redington Vapen Black Fly Rod - in part due to the radical new grip Redington went with for this rod. Read More!

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