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The Beehive House - Utah Temple Square

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Built in 1854, the Beehive House was home to the president of the LDS Church and the governor of the Utah Territory, Brigham Young. The name (The Beehive House) is drawn from the Beehive that sits atop this historic mansion. A Beehive, which is the symbol of industry reflects Brigham Young's belief in a strong work ethic. The Beehive is still the prominent symbol throughout Utah today.

The Beehive House is a museum into the life of the Young family. Free 30 minute tours are given daily Monday - Saturday 9am to 9pm. For more information contact 1-801-240-2671. Address: 67 E. South Temple Salt Lake City, Utah 84111

  • Contact Information:
  • The Beehive House
  • Northwest corner of South Temple and State Street
  • 801-240-2681 (Main)
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