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Great Salt Lake State Park Marina

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Great Salt Lake State Marina offers spectacular views of sunsets over the Great Salt Lake, a search and rescue operations center, and provides marina access for sailors, sculling enthusiasts, other boaters, and bird watchers. A remnant of ancient Lake Bonneville, the Great Salt Lake covers more than 2,000 square miles and is two to seven times saltier than the ocean. The lake attracts more than 257 species of birds, depending on the season, and is a major stop for millions of migratory birds.

Great Salt Lake State Marina is home the Great Salt Lake Yacht Club, which boats the saltiest sailors on earth. Visitors will enjoy the beautiful views of Great Salt Lake, nearby Antelope Island State Park, and Black Rock. It's difficult not to notice the nearby Saltair Resort, which is a modern-day remnant in symbol of the original Saltair, which was much more elaborate, and built on pilings over the shore area of the Great Salt Lake. The new resort offers concerts and a concession service for souvenirs.

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