The Historic Milford Hotel

Milford Utah - Utah Outdoor Activities

While traveling through Milford Utah to explore the many outdoor activities around the area you couldn't help but notice this grand old building. It appeared it was open as there was a lot of activity around the building. Being very curious we stopped by and our luck paid off as we began to talk with the current owners of the hotel; Bryon Mccarty, Brent and Lynn Severson, and Joy Tomlin.

They were so gracious to give us the grand tour of the old place. When we walked into the lobby it was as though we entered a time portal taking us back to the year 1913, when the hotel was built. The lobby still has the old fireplace, counter and mirror that would have greeted you almost a hundred years ago. The carpet on the wide stairs, the old windows and wood work is just incredible. Walking through the lobby you enter the cafe area with a set-up that reminded us of an old diner. Going to the back we entered a large spacious area with a bar and beautiful stained glass windows. Friends and neighbors were gathered laughing and chatting. We only wish we could have spent the day.

Milford Utah - Utah Outdoor Activities

Continuing our tour we went up stairs to see some of the old rooms and hallways. Many of these rooms still had the original furnishings. In an old hotel that is in the process of being renovated we could not help but ask, is this place haunted? Bryon didn't hesitate as he told us about the previous owner of the hotel who was a little lady with lots of attitude. He told us of a couple of rowdy railroad workers who were disturbing other patrons in the Hotel. After several complaints she sent the hotels caretaker to kindly ask the two men to quiet down. The two drunk railroad workers didn't appreciate being told what to do and beat up the caretaker. As the hotel caretaker stumbled to his feet and made his way back down stairs he insisted to the hotel's owner there was nothing they could do about these men. Just then the woman took her keys and headed up to the third floor to confront the men. After one of the men continued to be drunk and belligerent she cold cocked him upside the head with her large ring of keys, dragged him by his foot down two flights of stairs and out onto the hotel's front sidewalk, where she left him unconscious. Not wanting the same fate the railroad workers buddy decided to leave the hotel. Bryon said, he has heard reports of her keys rattling or the railroad workers head thumping down the stairs, as it did so many years ago.

Milford Utah - Utah Outdoor Activities

This is a wonderful old hotel, what stories these old walls could tell. I can't wait until someday in the future when this old hotel will re-open as a bed and breakfast and visitor's will be able to experience a night in this grand hotel, who knows maybe you will be visited by the little lady with her big set of keys as she checks on the well-being of her patrons. For the last seven years Bryon, family and friends have spent almost every weekend restoring this old place. If you're ever traveling through Milford on a weekend stop by this grand old hotel and ask for Bryon, Brent, Lynn or Joy. If you love historic places and history we are sure you will enjoy your visit. 

Driving Directions:

Beaver Utah To The Milford Hotel From Beaver. Travel North Main Street and Center Street, turn right onto W Center ST / UT-21. Continue to follow UT-21 for 30.4 miles. After traveling 30.4 miles you will be in Milford. When you enter the town of Milford the hotel will be in full view. Located on the corner of South Main Street and 5th South.

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Milford Hotel

GPS-N38 23.566 W113 00.703

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