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Neptune Park Saratoga Springs Utah

Neptune Park is located in Saratoga Springs Utah, at 452 West 400 North and offers the largest climbing pyramid in North America; reaching 30 feet tall. The Neptune play pyramid is one of only three in the world. It will definitely draw you in and capture the imagination of both parent and child alike.

I found myself in a race with my daughters up the rope coarse to see who could reach the top of the mountain first. They won of course. Once on top of the structure we didn’t want to get down, or give our spots up to those below us until we had gotten our share of the bigger than life feeling of being on top of the world, as it were. The pyramid is definitely the focus of the play ground and is totally awesome according to my children, but soon you’re forced by curiosity to leave the safety of the pyramid and experience yourself swinging on the teeter totter swing. Wow, was this fun! I think it’s my children’s favorite swing in the world; especially when I give them an extra big pull or push.

Neptune Park hosts the typical slides and play equipment found on any other playground in the state with 6 regular swings as well as the 2 teeter totter swings, a toddler playground, an older kid’s playground, and a crazy rock wall that my children named the caterpillar. Lots of things to spin and climb on such as a tire that goes round and round. The 10 acre park has a huge basketball area as well as soccer and Frisbee fields to run and play on. It really is an amazing park and one that you will keep coming back to. There is an enormous pavilion so pack a lunch, your camera, and spend a day making beautiful memories.

By Ford Fannen

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