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Rock Corral Recreation Area

The Rock Corral Recreation Area is located on the west side of the Mineral Mountain Range. Towering from the desert floor are spectacular granite peaks and enormous standing rocks with Granite Peak being the most notable feature in the area. Granite Peak rises 9,771 feet above sea level and has several times been proposed to be set aside as a wilderness area.

The Rock Corral Recreation area provides a variety of recreational opportunities such as hiking, picnicking, primitive camping, rockclimbing, horseback riding, rockhounding and more.Two improved picnic areas are available to visitors. Each area provides picnic tables, and fire pits. The Big Rock Corral Picnic area also provides restrooms, and covered picnic tables which will provide some relief from the blazing desert sun. Rockhounding is a very popular activity, as the Mineral Mountain Range is one of the most mineralized in the state of Utah. Just some of the rock collecting opportunities in this area include Smoky Quarts Crystals, Obsidian, Garnets, Feldspar, Pyrite, Blue Beryl and many more.

On our visit we were treated by a very large snow storm one day prior to our arrival. This made some of the roads impassible. While hiking around the Big Rock Corral Picnic area we discovered a small cavern made from giant slaps of Granite stack on top of each other. Within the cavern was a small running stream and icicles hanging from the ceiling, what a site to see. While driving to the Rock Corral Recreation Area you see the typical Utah desert scenery, but you will be very surprised of the beauty of this desert location if you’re willing to spend the time and explore. If you’re looking for solitude and a great family location filled with outdoor activities, visit the Rock Corral Recreation Area. Bring along your camera as photo opportunities are numerous. Spend some time and you are sure to find your own unique adventure in this rugged landscape rising from the desert floor. Enjoy the beauty of Utah’s west desert.

Rock Corral Recreation Area

Driving Directions:

From Beaver Utah travel on HWY 21 to Milford Utah approx 30.4 miles. Just 1/2 mile before Milford you will see a sign marking the Rock Corral Canyon turn off. This road is called Pass Rd. Travel for approx 2 miles to a fork in the road. The right fork will take you to the Rock Corral Recreation Area and the left to Ranch Canyon.

More Information:

Rock Corral Canyon Recreation Area GPS coordinates: GPS-N38 22.325 W112 50.425

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