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Stone Face That Watches Over the Uintah Mountains

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This unique rock formation known as the Stone Face is located up the North Fork of the Duchesne River. Sitting high up on the mountain side the Stone Face appears to be guarding the valley and hundreds of years of secrets. The myth of the Stone face, a 25-foot tall rock outcropping that resembles a one eyed man with high cheek bones is said to be signaling the route to a lost Spanish gold mine.

The legend is that the Spanish conquistador Hernando Cortes dispatched exploration parties as far north as Utah in search of the Seven Cities of Cibola. In the Uintah Mountains, they supposedly struck gold. But after the conquest, the mine lay dormant for centuries until Brigham Young sent Thomas Rhoads to find it. With the help of a Ute Indian chief, who knew the secret location, Rhoads brought forth enough gold to help establish the Mormon empire -- or so the story goes. When viewing the Stone Face one can visualize the mysteries of this natural rock formation as it stands watch over this mountain of secrets.

Spend a summer day and travel over the Wolf Creek Pass State Road 35 and enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery and take some time to visit the Stone Face. The Stone Face location is marked with a small forest service sign. Be sure to bring your fishing pole as the North Fork Duchesne offers fantastic fishing opportunities.

Driving Directions: In the summer months travel from Salt Lake City via I-80 east to exit 148 Heber/Vernal. Travel on US-40 to the Park City/Kamas/Francis exit. Turn left onto SR-248 towards Kamas/Francis. Approx 11.4 miles turn right onto SR-32. Follow SR-32 through town to a four way stop. Turn Left onto SR-35 and continue over Wolf Creek Pass. Be sure to bring your camera and enjoy the many scenic pullouts that Wolf Creek Pass offers. Be on the lookout for wildlife as it is not uncommon to see Deer, Elk, Moose, and even Bears. Once over Wolf Creek Pass towards the bottom you will turn left up the North Fork Duchesne.

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