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Tabernacle Hill

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Located west of the small town of Meadow Utah is Tabernacle Hill. Thousands of years ago this old volcano erupted leaving behind miles of lava fields, craters and lava tubes. These lava fields are said to be approx 10,000 to 24,000 years old and formed while Lake Bonneville was receding.

On our visit to this area we were completely fascinated by the formations that were left behind waiting to be explored. Around every corner was some new geological formation that we had never seen before. It was amazing to see the force that mother nature had on this area.  Tabernacle Hill offers several miles of geological formations to be explored but the most popular for this area are the lava tubes. There is said to be an unknown number of lava tubes that run for miles under these flows. Some have had several visitors and others may have had none at all. If you don't have time to explore the fields to find these tubes, there is one right off the dirt road just before you get to the dome.  

When exploring this area use caution. In some locations the ceilings of the tubes have caved in which would make for a long fall for unwary explorers walking above. The volcanic rock itself is very jagged and almost glass like, and a fall while exploring could become a very painful or even a dangerous experience. If you plan to visit this area set aside a few days to explore, you will be able to make your own adventures and who knows you might even discover one of those tubes that no one else has set foot in. Oh and one more thing the lava rock is very beautiful and looks good in any landscape, so go ahead and collect some, but keep in mind the BLM rule of collect small amounts for your own personal use, but no reselling allowed.

Driving Directions: To get to Tabernacle Hill travel 5 miles south of Fillmore to the town of Meadow, exit 158. As you proceed south down main street search for a wooden sign on the west side of the road that says "White Mountain 6 Miles..." Drive west on an well graded gravel road until you reach White Mountain. Drive approx 3 miles west from White Mountain around the north end of the lava flow. A rough, unmarked road heads south over the lava flows towards the rounded dome of Tabernacle Hill. A small two wheel drive truck should have no problem making it to the dome but beware of the weather as the roads could get very muddy. 

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