The Beaches Of Bear Lake

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Beaches of Bear Lake Utah / Idaho

Bear Lake, well known for its cool Caribbean-blue waters but what about the ocean like beaches that surround the lake. Bear Lake has always had nice sandy beaches but the drought over the last few years has exposed even more of this fine ocean like sand. There are several public access routes that will allow you to drive your vehicle right onto the beach. Just a word of caution the sand in some places is very deep. Stay on the well traveled routes until you near the packed sand by the water. I have witnessed several vehicles buried up to there doors in sand, this would be one hefty tow truck bill for anyone.

The access to the beaches has been kept open so you can get your family and gear to the water without walking what seems like miles. Once you find your prime piece of beach park your vehicle and enjoy the lake rather then pushing your luck in the deep sands, if you wish to enjoy riding on the beaches take along your ATV’s.

Beaches of Bear Lake Utah / Idaho

There was some controversy earlier in the year whether or not ATV’s would be allowed on the beaches, however the finally word is that ATV’s are allowed on the beaches but you must follow these few rules: Stay one hundred feet from the water and keep your speed to 15 MPH or less. The reason they were considering banning ATV’s from the beach was to help keep the water clean, so do your part and keep your bikes on the beach. Even with these rules in place we had a great time exploring the beaches and taking in the scenery with our ATV’s. You can travel for miles around the lake minus the impassible tributaries and private property.

The south end of the lake just past Rendezvous Beach offers miles of day use areas with access routes down to the water. If you are planning on staying a while Rendezvous Beach offers group use areas, three improved campgrounds with modern restrooms, hot showers, utility hook ups and or course access the beach. As you continue to travel north you will come to Garden City Utah. Once you enter the town you will see the famous Bear located out front of the Bear Lake Pizza Co, continue approx 1 block north and you will see a telephone communications building, the road next to the building is the public access route to this part of the beach.

Beaches of Bear Lake Utah / Idaho

Traveling north even further on state route 30 out of Garden City you will come to the Bear Lake State Park Marina. The state park provides plenty of parking for day use and the beach is within walking distance on the North and South sides of the marina. The Marina also provides a five lane concrete launch ramp, boat slip rentals, boat rentals, hot showers, day use group pavilions and more.

Travel North from the Bear Lake State Park Marina to St Charles Idaho and you will see the turn off to north beach. This beach is 1 ½ miles long and provides an excellent location for swimming and other water sport activities. If you have yet to experience the beaches of Bear Lake this year its not to late. Come up and enjoy this beautiful resource, take advantage of the low water, and enjoy the soft sandy beaches that mother nature has provide for all of us to enjoy.

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