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Floating The Provo River

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Most Utahan's are very familiar with the Provo River. One of Utah's blue ribbon fisheries well known for its beautiful Brown Trout. But have you ever thought about taking a float trip down the Provo? Well fortunate for Utah Outdoor Activities we were invited by High Country Rafting to experience a two hour adventure down the Provo River.

Our adventure began at the High Country Rafting headquarters just 1/4 mile below Vivian Park. High Country Rafting provided all the necessary gear, and bussed us to the launch zone, all we had to do was apply the sunscreen and pack the camera.

After we began our float down the river we were able to quiz our knowledgeable guide, he informed us that this is the highest he has seen the Provo River in eight years, making this a exciting time to experience a float trip down this river. The river offers a few sections of class II white water which could cool you down on a hot day, but for the most part it's a calm relaxing float which provides you the opportunity to sit back and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

As we continued our way down the river we went under several bridges that span the Provo River. Each bridge offered its own unique excitement but as we approached the last bridge we all questioned the guide as to whether the boat with us on it was going to fit under the bridge. Our guide chuckled and said "of course all we have to do is duck". Under the bridge we went and yes we fit, but it looks pretty deceiving as you approach.

If you have not experienced a float trip down the Provo River contact High Country Rafting, it makes for a great family activity, on a famous fishing river, with beautiful scenery viewed from a different angle, on the water.

Recommended gear for your river trip: Sunscreen, Swimwear or Shorts, Water Shoes, Camera and Sunglasses, you are welcome to bring along your own life jackets if you wish. A light jacket may be needed in May and September. High Country Rafting will provide state-of-the-art rafts, life vests, friendly guides and complimentary soft drinks.

  • More Information:
  • High Country Adventure
  • 3702 East Provo Canyon Rd (In front of Vivian Park)
  • Provo, UT 84604
  • Phone: 801-224-2500
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