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Nunns Provo Station Power Plant

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The Nunns Provo Station Power Plant was the first 44,000 volt hydroelectric plant in America. Built in 1897 by Luclen L. Nunn at an estimated cost of just $50,000, the plant harnessed the power of the Provo River to generate electricity and transmit power over a distance of 32 miles to mining operations in Mercur, Utah. This was almost three times the voltage of any existing line in the nation at that time, and was by far the longest.

Although Nunn sold his interests to Utah Power and Light Company in 1913, his innovative ideas and successes helped shape the future of electrical power for all of us.Today there is a beautiful park named after L. L. Nunn. Nunns park offers overnight camping, picnicking, fishing, biking, jogging, and more. Campsites are offered on a first come, first serve basis, and pavilions can be reserved for family or group use by calling (801) 851-8640. Why your there be sure to look around for for the few reminders of the century old power plant that once turned on the lights in a remote Utah mining town and put Utah and the Provo river in the electrical history books.

  • Directions:
  • Nunns Park is 3.3 miles up Provo Canyon (US 189).
  • The exit is marked Nunns Park. When you exit you will drive
  • pass the Bridal Veil Falls Recreation Park.
  • Continue past the Bridal Veil Falls Recreation Park and turn left.
  • This will take you back under US 189 and right into the Nunns Parks
  • parking lot.
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