Josie Morris Cabin - Dinosaur National Monument

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Josie Morris Cabin - Dinosaur National Monument

The Josie Morris Cabin is the final destination of the Tilted Rocks Auto Tour.  Josie established her homestead here in 1914. She raised and butchered cattle, pigs, chickens and geese. She canned vegetables from her large garden. Her source of heat for her cabin was wood, her water came from a spring, and light from an oil lamp. Josie lived a 19th century lifestyle well into the 20th century. For Josie, the benefits of isolation she experienced living here were solitude and the beauty.

The risk of such isolation was a mortal accident. In 1964 Josie suffered a broken hip while feeding her horse on frozen, slippery ground. Shortly after Josie's accident she died at the age of 90. After a hot day exploring the rest of Dinosaur National Monument the Josie Morris Cabin is a great location to rest and have a picnic under the many different variety of large trees. But if you still have a little energy there are two more short hiking trails in this area. Both lead to box canyons that Josie used as natural corrals for her pigs and cattle. The first trail, Box Canyon is located just above the parking area and the second trail Hog Canyon begins on the path just past the cabin and chicken coop.

We happened to pick the best year out of the last several to explore these gorgeous trails, all the plant life was thriving which in turn helped keep the trails cool. These trails would be comfortable to explore at any time of day, however I recommend towards the later part due to the fact that you will be tired, and relief from the hot sun will be most inviting. 

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