Neff's Canyon Hiking Trail

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Neff's Canyon Hiking Trail

Neff’s Canyon lies directly south of Mill Creek Canyon. It is the spur canyon that runs at the base of Mt Olympus. If you hike to Thayne Canyon pass, it puts you on the Wildcat Ridge in between Mt Raymond and Mt Olympus. This hike starts at the trail head in White Park. There is a small parking lot and the trail head begins on the left. It climbs a short jeep track, until you reach the first landmark which is a water tower and a small service shack with a chain link fence around them.

This is a great place to get some of your first elevation shots with a camera, as well as to take in some of the first rock formations that are on the ridge above. As you continue up the trail, you will reach a small area with a little brook running through it. This is marked by a split in the jeep track, which goes to a fence that is gated to block private property on the right, if you continue up above the brook; it will take you to a single foot track that takes you up the canyon.

As you continue up the trail, it winds its way through some oak brush and is rocky in some areas, then as you come to a turnaround spot, the brook reappears and you continue up the canyon to the meadow. When you reach the meadow, you will have a good backside view of Mt Olympus, and the boulder field above will take you to Wildcat Ridge and Thayne Canyon Pass.

Neff's Canyon Hiking Trail

There is an abundance of wildflowers, and the view of the Salt Lake Valley is unique in its own right. I rested on a large rock, and took some great landscape shots, refueled, and then headed back to the trail head. As you depart the canyon and head back to the parking lot, you will rejoin the turnaround and either way you take, it will take you back to the brook and the jeep track.

Neff’s Canyon is a great short distance getaway that is usually snow free around late March or early April. It is not as steep as other trails I hike, so it is a great place to introduce a new hiker or kids to the wonders our Wasatch Mountains have to offer. Bring water here, especially in the summer for most of the day this canyon is under direct sunlight, and the UV is strong. Sunscreen and some high energy food will help you stay energized under the pressure of the sun.

Get up here and enjoy another glacier carved wonder in the Wasatch. Another great hike you should not miss!

Neff's Canyon Hiking Trail

Trail Information:

Millcreek Canyon- Trail Head- White Park in Olympus Cove

4175 East 4245 South

Park View Terrace Dr

Distance to Meadow- 2 ¾ miles

Elevation Gain- 2450 feet to 8000 feet

Hiking Time- 2 hours

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