Avenue Twin Peaks - Salt Lake City Utah

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Avenue Twin Peaks

Avenue Twin Peaks over look the Avenues and the University of Utah. The trail begins at Perrys Hollow Rd 1250 East 640 North in Salt Lake City. You begin by starting up a jeep track that winds around a ridge to your first overlook of the city. You can see Mt Vancott clearly from here, as well as all of the University of Utah, and the Medical Center.

The trail continues up another hill that puts you directly at the base of the Twin Peaks. Continue to follow the jeep track along the west side of the twins and this will lead you to a small saddle, were you may climb to the top of the first Twin. As you reach the top you can see the Tri-Canyons (Millcreek, Big Cottonwood, and Little Cottonwood), as well as a nice view of Little Black Mountain, and City Creek Canyon.

The Panoramic view of the entire valley is just spectacular. It gives you such a broad perspective of how this was once one of the largest inland seas in the world. The Indian Paintbrush, and wild Daisy’s were in full bloom, and the breeze was soft, and cool as we sat up on the twins and took it all in. You can literally walk in between these two peaks with just a short jaunt down one peak and up the other. All over the side of the Peaks there were these white snail shells.

Avenue Twin Peaks

I think they were Cephalopods, an ancient relative to modern day snails. From the Peaks you may continue on an old jeep track to Little Black Mountain. This hike was a lot of fun and I will return here to finish the trail to Little Black Mountain another day. Our decent was a nice evening hike out, with the sun setting in the west; the sky grew orange and red, with the clouds streaming along.

Be sure to pack a camera, the views from this trail offer a lot of opportunity for pictures. The trails in the Avenues are dog friendly, unlike the watershed-protected trails in the south canyons, so feel free to bring your four legged friends. The Wasatch range offers so many different terrains for you to explore, don’t miss any of them. The exercise, the views, and the peacefulness of the environment are so soothing and relaxing. What a nice place to get away from this crazy world we live in. A quite hike is about the only way to truly get away from it all and experiencing these mountains for yourself. How lucky we are to have this beautiful wilderness so close to our city. . . . Enjoy!

Avenue Twin Peaks

Trail Information:

Avenue Foothills- Perrys Hollow Rd.- Downtown Salt Lake City

Distance to Avenue Twin Peaks- 2 miles

Elevation Gain- 1100 feet to 6291 feet

Hiking Time- 1 hour

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