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Utah is an endless resource for outdoor enthusiasts. 80% of the state is set aside for public use. From red rock gorges as low as 3000 feet to peaks as high as 13,000 feet, you can discover the outdoors at all extremes. Within minutes of Utah's metropolitan areas you can enjoy the peaceful tranquility of the great outdoors. Utah Outdoor Activities is designed to be your online resource to the Utah outdoors. You can explore activities such as camping, hiking trails, rock hounding, fishing, ATV trails, wildlife viewing, skiing, snowboarding and more.

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Best Ice Fishing Trip So Far 2018 / 20 + fish!

In this video we spend the day ice fishing Scofield Reservoir. The fishing was “hot” and after the 20th fish we stopped counting. There were times when all three of us had a fish on at the same time. As we talked with other anglers, they too shared the same success stories. Most reported catching 40 + fish.

First Ice 2018 / 2019

First ice fishing trip of the 2018/19 ice fishing season was spent on Mantua Reservoir. Although the ice wasn’t as thick as I like, the fishing was hot first thing in the morning and died down just as quick. The bait of choice on this trip was a pink tungsten jig head tipped with wax worms.

Wilson Arch

Wilson ArchFor those not interested in hiking in the desert heat or don’t have a lot of time, because of the accessibility of the Wilson Arch photographic opportunities are available right from the parking area. Being a little more adventurous, we of course had to hike to the base of the arch. Now we really shouldn’t call this a hike, but more of a climb up a sandy rock face.

Newspaper Rock Recreation/Historic Site

Newspaper Rock Recreation/Historic SiteThe rock face is 200-square feet and records approximately 2,000 years of early human activity. The first to make their mark were the Archaic, Basketmaker, Fremont, and Pueblo cultures. In later times the Ute, Navajo, and European Americans also made their contributions.

Four Corners Monument

Four Corners MonumentNow, because this location was part of our bucket list of must-see Utah locations, we planned on visiting the monument along with several other Southern Utah locations. This made the drive to the monument worth it, because we visited and participated in many other southern Utah outdoor activities along the way.

Moqui Cave Museum & Gift Shop

Moqui Cave Museum & Gift ShopThe outside of the cave looks liked an ancient Native American cave dwelling. The grounds around the cave featured replicas of ancient dwellings, green grass, and different species of desert plant life. So far, the place was inviting, relaxing, and a great place to stretch the legs.

Exploring Cedar Breaks

Exploring Cedar BreaksWith an elevation of over 10,000 feet the Cedar Breaks National Monument offers not only the red rock beauty of southern Utah, but also the beauty of a high elevation forest. Lined along the rim of the "half-mile deep geologic amphitheater" you will discover bristlecone pines, aspens, and beautiful high mountain meadows.

Alpine Pond Trail Cedar Breaks

Alpine Pond Trail Cedar BreaksHiking in the Cedar Breaks National Monument is one way to enjoy the uniqueness of this park. Most of the hikes in the monument provide views of the 3-mile wide amphitheater. The Alpine Pond Trail is a 2.2-mile loop that makes its way through meadows, aspens, pines, and connects with two different parking areas.

Searching for Native American Rock Art

Searching for Native American Rock ArtIn this video I spend the day searching for Native American Rock Art on the west side of Utah Lake. As I hiked around avoiding the very large spiders, I did manage to find a few rocks that had what I believe were Native American writings. Finding the rock art was not easy with an untrained eye, but I took my time enjoying the experience and it paid off.

Wall Lake Uinta Mountains

Utah Spiral JettyIn this outdoor activity, I take a hike to Wall Lake in the Uinta Mountains. The trail head begins in the Crystal Lake parking lot, which is one of many trails in this area. The hike to Wall Lake is 2.5 miles round trip with little elevation gain.

Utah Spiral Jetty

Utah Spiral JettySecluded and unique is one way to describe the Spiral Jetty which is located at Rozel Point on the northeastern shore of the Great Salt Lake. Back in 1970 Robert Smithson chose this area because of its ecological and geological properties.

Golden Spike National Historic Site

A visit to Golden Spike today offers a Museum where the tools and artifacts of the railroads construction are on display, and of course you don't want to miss the two working replicas of the 1860's locomotives 'Jupiter' and '119'.

Hiking Season Preparedness

Hiking Season PreparednessAre you physically prepared for this hiking season? If you hike or stay very active year round, then this article may not be for you. However, if you're one of those winter hibernators and the warm weather has you looking forward to the first hike of the season, then you may want to continue reading.

Smoked Trout Dip Recipe

Smoked Trout Dip RecipeSmoked trout can be added to several different things, such as a salad or eaten as is. You can also use it to make a yummy smoked trout dip. Now if you don’t smoke your own fish, you can purchase smoked Salmon from to store and it will work with this recipe as well. This dip is a great for parties, family get togethers, or an everyday snack.

Smoked Trout in a Masterbuilt Electric Smoker

Smoked Trout in a Masterbuilt Electric SmokerWith most smoked trout recipes the first step is to brine the fish. The purpose of a brine is to not only add some flavor to the fish, but it also helps keep the fish from drying out during the cooking process. In this recipe instead of using a traditional salt and water brine, I’m going to use more of a marinade that contains only three ingredients.

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