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Utah offers over a 1000 fishable lakes and streams as well as blue ribbon fisheries such as the Green River. Utah fishing is open year around. Species range from the popular rainbow and cutthroat to large mackinaw and Brown trout to striped bass, walleye, bluegill, whitefish, the Bonneville cisco and many others.

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Best Ice Fishing Trip So Far 2018 / 20 + fish!

In this video we spend the day ice fishing Scofield Reservoir. The fishing was “hot” and after the 20th fish we stopped counting. There were times when all three of us had a fish on at the same time. As we talked with other anglers, they too shared the same success stories. Most reported catching 40 + fish. More Information!

First Ice 2018 / 2019

First ice fishing trip of the 2018/19 ice fishing season was spent on Mantua Reservoir. Although the ice wasn’t as thick as I like, the fishing was hot first thing in the morning and died down just as quick. The bait of choice on this trip was a pink tungsten jig head tipped with wax worms. More Information!

Rockport Reservoir Success and a FAIL!

Hey guys in this video you will see me struggling a little bit, but instead of cutting out the footage I kept it in to show you I’m real and stuff happens. Anyway, I also caught a few nice fat healthy rainbow trout and it was a great day on Rockport Reservoir. More Information!

Tips on choosing a Fishing Lure/Spinner Size/Weight

Most fishing lure companies offer a variety of different sizes, colors, and weights. For example, my favorite fishing lure is the Panther Martin, which are made to target different species of fish. With so many options to choose from, how do you know which one to purchase? More Information!

Utah Fishing Limits

When it comes to the fishing community there are many different viewpoints on whether or not you should harvest the fish you catch. So, the question is, should you keep the fish you catch and is keeping fish going to hurt the resource? More Information!

Fall Fishing Deer Creek Reservoir (Video)

Fall fishing is one of the best times of year to fish one of Utah’s many reservoirs and lakes. Just like all animals, fish also prepare for winter and cruise the shorelines actively feeding. This is perfect opportunity for shore anglers to increase their fishing success. More Information!

First Ice this Season- Scofield Reservoir Video

First ice fishing trip of the season spent on Scofield Reservoir. The ice was 10 to 11 inches thick in the narrows by the dam. I fished in 27 feet of water and caught several Cutthroat Trout about a foot or so off the bottom. The bait I used is from the Maniac Custom Lures Company. More Information!

Ice Fishing with the HawkEye Portable Fish Finder

Locating the fish under a large expanse of ice is one of the biggest challenges for most ice fisherman. Are they in a few feet of water, or 50 feet of water? Are they cruising just below the ice or hugging the bottom? And let's not forget the struggle of what they are biting on? More Information!

5 Tips for Ice Fishing in Utah

The Utah ice fishing season will soon be in full swing. Whether targeting cutthroats at Strawberry, pike at Yuba, or crappie at Pineview, winter can provide some of the hottest fishing around. More Information!

4 Ice Fishing Safety Tips

The first snow has fallen and the nightly temperatures have dipped below freezing, and Utah’s Ice Fishing Season is just around the corner. If you’re anything like me the anticipation of the first fishable ice starts in late November. This is the time to dust off the ice fishing gear, sharpen the auger blades, and wait for the opportunity to fish the first ice. More Information!

5 Tips for Successful Winter Fly Fishing

Wintertime in Utah usually signals the start of ice fishing season. Saved for the handful of dedicated anglers, fly fishing in the icy months of the year is often overlooked. Which is interesting, since winter fly fishing can offer some of the best success for Utah anglers. More Information!

Ice off Fishing - Echo Bust / Deer Creek Success Video

This ice off fishing adventure began with a trip to Echo Reservoir and ended at Deer Creek reservoir. The day started out beautiful at Echo. The reservoir was completely ice free, but the fishing was slow. So, we got back in the car and made our way to Deer Creek. This was a good choice as we were able to catch one beautiful Brown Trout and a Rainbow Trout. We missed several others, but the action was fairly consistent. Besides the wind at times the unseasonably warm day was beautiful. More Information!

Redington Vapen Black Fly Rod Review

I’ve wanted to see what the hubbub was about Redington’s latest offering. The kind folks over there at Redington sent me a rod to test out a few weeks ago, and I spent a lot of hours on the river, testing the rod as much as I could. So let’s see how it performed, shall we? More Information!

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