Adams Canyon Waterfall Trail

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The Adams Canyon Trail is one of the most beautiful, scenic trails we have experienced in some time. This trail is the second most popular trail in Davis County and for good reasons: accessibility, beautiful scenery, shade, water, and the reward of the 40-foot Adams Waterfall for those who push on to the top.

Adams Canyon Waterfall

From the parking lot, the trail winds its way through several switchbacks while climbing the first 500 feet in elevation. The trail is covered in soft sand, requiring a little more effort to crest the first hill. But don’t let this discourage you from pushing on, as once you crest the hill, the trail levels out to provide the first views of the valley below.

Once across the Bonneville Shoreline Trail, you drop down to creek level and enter Adams Canyon. The scenery from this point is spectacular. The trail follows the North Fork of Holmes Creek though scrub oak, majestic white pines, and past the beauty of several small waterfalls. As you make your way up the canyon, you will experience a lower stream crossing, a few rugged rock outcroppings, and several steep slopes. Although this trail is considered moderate, most of the steepness is in the upper portions of the canyon, closer to the falls.

Once at the top, the spectacular Adams Canyon Waterfall comes into view. Be prepared to get a little wet, as you must cross Holmes Creek to get an up-close view of the falls. Enjoy the natural wading pool at the base, and when the wind blows just right, you can enjoy a refreshing mist, perfect for a hot summer’s day.

The Adams Canyon Trail to the falls is just another example of the beauty we can all enjoy so close to home. Because many people drive down Highway 89 to and from work, it’s easy to forget about the natural beauty we drive by each and every day. Just to the east there is a vast expanse of outdoor activities just waiting for you.

Trail Stats and Tips

Elevation gain from the trail head: about 1,400 feet.

Dogs are allowed on leashes.

If hiking with kids, keep a close eye on them, especially on the upper sections of the trail.

Please don’t hike above the falls. The terrain is steep, wet, and could lead to a tragic accident. Most rescues in Adams Canyon are to save those who have hiked above the falls.

Adams Canyon Waterfall

Take plenty of water.

Take your time to enjoy this hike, rest often, and enjoy the views. It’s not a race to the top!

Directions to Trailhead

The trailhead is located just off of HWY 89 in Layton Utah. From Salt Lake City travel on I-15 North to HWY 89. Travel on HWY 89 north to Layton. Turn right on East 1200 North, then immediately turn right on Eastside Road. Near the end of Eastside Road you will see a dirt parking area. This is the trail head parking area.

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