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Beaver Utah - Utah Outdoor Activities

Settled in 1856, Beaver City Utah is situated 200 miles south of Salt Lake City along interstate 15. Beaver is the birthplace of two very famous people, Philo T. Farnsworth, the inventor of television and Butch Cassidy, the notorious western outlaw. Beaver city is surrounded by outdoor activities.

To the east are the Tushar Mountains, which includes Delano Peak (seventh highest peak in Utah at 12,169 ft.). Administered by the Fish Lake National Forest visitor can enjoy high mountain lakes, and clear sparkling streams which provide excellent fishing opportunities. Other activities include hiking, mountain biking, backpacking, hunting and lets not forget the world famous Paiute ATV Trail. To the west are the Mineral Mountains, a rockhounder's paradise. This mountain range is also littered with Utah's mining past. Ghost towns and old mining equipment are just waiting to be explored.

Next time your traveling to southern Utah or making your way to Salt Lake City plan a day or two in Beaver and enjoy the many outdoor activities available to you.

Beaver Utah - Utah Outdoor Activities

While in town stop by the Beaver City Travel Council office and learn more about the town and the recreational opportunities nearby.

More Information:

Beaver County Travel Council

Visitor Center, 40 South Main St.

Beaver, Utah 84713

Phone: 435-438-5438

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