The Box Canyon Hiking Trail - Dinosaur National Monument

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The Box Canyon Hiking Trail - Dinosaur National Monument

The trail head for this hike begins in the parking area of the Josie Morris Cabin, Dinosaur National Monument. This trail will be a relief from the hot summer sun. The trail itself is flat and will even offer shade in the mid-day. Josie Morris used this canyon as a natural corral where she raised her cattle. She simply fenced off the narrow end of the canyon and let the canyon walls confine her stock. 

As you continue up this trail the steep canyon walls will begin to box you in and eventfully you can go no further. The trail itself is very short in length and very relaxing. You will be able to view one of the natural springs Josie used as her water source. Keep an eye out for the local wildlife. If there is a chance to see a mule deer this is the location.

Although the steep walls our inviting to be explored please to not attempt to scramble up these walls. The rock itself is very crumbly, slippery and steep. Don't forget your water and bug repellant this trail may be shady but it still gets hot.

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