Burnt Hill Road (ATV Trail)

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Burnt Hill Road (ATV Trail)

Located approximately 9 miles up Manti Canyon. Burnt Hill is the start or end of a couple different trails. Some are jeep and 4X4 accessible, while others are for four wheelers only. Burnt Hill is trail #32 on the Arapeen OHV trail system. We started are trip at the Burnt Hill turn off headed down towards town.

Approximately 3 miles into the trail it split and becomes trail #34 commonly referred to by the locals as Pole Haven, or continues down and hooks into trail #3 which takes you to the mouth of Manti Canyon and the Patton Trail staging area. Or you can also take another fork and head up to Sky Line Drive which is the Great Western Trail. 

At the beginning of Burnt Hill the road is little ruff and rutted, obviously a favorite wheeling spot for the locals in early spring. But despite the ruts it was easy to maneuver with beautiful groves of quaking aspen down both sides. About two miles up the road you come to a flooded valley the Beavers seem fond off. It was easy to cross and I was able to tell with little effort were the road was supposed to be.

Burnt Hill Road (ATV Trail)

Shortly after the Beaver ponds you will arrive at the Pole Haven junction (trail #34). We chose to continue down #32, which brought you to another Beaver pond, this one was a lot deeper and did not look like it had been breached for some time. There was a new trail built around the lower end of the pond, which due to pond seepage was rather slick and muddy. The climb back up the other side got a little hairy for my two-wheeler, but we made it. I would suggest one person at a time on that little round about.

The rest of the trail is well groomed and mostly shadowed by the over growth. There are a few spots where the grade is a little steep but nothing a low gear cant handle, headed up or down. We rode this trail in early June and due to the drought it was mostly dry. I would imagine it could be a little more adventurous in the early spring thaw. I have not been on a lot of trails but this is one of the most beautiful and peaceful places I have been yet.

Burnt Hill Road (ATV Trail)

More Information:

Manti-La Sal National Forest

599 West Price River Drive

Price, UT 84501

Phone: 435-637-2817

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