Dinosaur Discovery Site at Johnson Farm

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Utah has a vast prehistoric past from ancient lakes, volcanoes, dinosaurs, to ancient works of art. Locations to view this ancient past are scattered throughout the state, and the Dinosaur Discovery Site is just one of these locations with a unique history.

Dinosaur Discovery Site at Johnson Farm

Back in 2000 Dr. Sheldon Johnson was leveling a hill on his property in St. George, Utah. As he removed layers of large sedimentary rock a three dimensional dinosaur track was discovered. This discovery lead to the further discovery of thousands of tracks, fish, plants, and other animals.

Over 200 million years ago this area was a shore line to an ancient lake named Lake Dixie. As thousands of creatures walked along the shore, and the waves washed up plant materials, the tracks and plant materials were slowly encased in mud, preserving them, until they were found again millions of years later.

Knowing the importance of this location the Dinosaur Discovery Site was established to protect the site for scientific and educational purposes.

Today, visitors can view one of the best preserved and most numerous track displays to be found. Other fossils including dinosaur bones, fish, shells of small aquatic animals, leaves, seeds, and other plants are also on display.

Life Sized Replicas:

Dinosaur Discovery Site at Johnson Farm

In order to help visitors visualize some of the animals that made the tracks, life sized replicas have been created to help tell the story. These replicas include a Dilophosaurus, Megapnosaurus, Pterosaur, Dimorphodon, Scutellosaurus, Protosuchus, and a Scelidosaurus. Several legs and feet of later Utah trackmakers such as Allosaurus and Utahraptor are also on display.

Museum Location:

The St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site at Johnson Farm is located just off or I-15 in St. George, Utah. If traveling from Salt Lake City travel approximately 297 miles to Green Springs Dr/North Green Spring Drive in Washington. Take exit 10 from I-15 S. Follow N 3050 E to E Riverside Dr in St. George.

More Information:

St George Dinosaur Discovery Site at Johnson Farm

Dinosaur Discovery Site at Johnson Farm

2180 East Riverside Drive

St. George, UT 84790

Phone: 435-574-3466

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