Eureka Utah, Historical Mining and Modern Day Ghost Town

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Eureka Utah - Utah Outdoor Activities

Eureka Utah was founded in 1870 when Silver and other ores were discovered in the area. In 1910 during the towns boom Eureka was the 9th largest city in Utah, with a population of around 3,900 people. The mines were producing millions of dollars in profits. One of the main mines, the Chief was owned by Walter Fitch.

A small community on the south side of Eureka was called Fitchville as the homes were built for Mr. Walter Fitch and his family. Several of the mines were still producing until around 1957 when water began to flood the mines making it more and more expensive to retrieve the oar. Since this time the town’s population has slowly faded away. n 1979 Eureka was placed in the National Register of Historic Places to help protect the town’s historical sites and locations for many years to come. Today Eureka is just a shell of what it once was. There is one little service station, one small country store where you can get anything from bread, milk to plumbing parts and quilts.

Eureka Utah - Utah Outdoor Activities

The Tintic Mining Museum displays historical artifacts from the town’s early beginnings. Eureka offers only one location for lodging, The Tintic Goldminer’s Inn Bed & Breakfast. The B & B occupies the former C. Fred Johnson home, one of five Fitch mansions built between 1916 and 1920. The owners Norman and Margaret Gillen have restored this mansion to bring visitors modern day amenities all while maintaining the original character and authenticity of this former C. Fred Johnson residence. Each August Eureka holds the annual Tintic Silver Festival. The festival offers fun activities for the whole family and turns this quiet little town into a bustling little city. This event offers a parade down Main Street, many craft and food booths, a car show and much more.

Eureka is located on HWY 6. Many travelers drive through town heading to popular recreational areas such as the Little Sarah Sand Dunes. Next time you’re traveling through this little town take some time to look around. Walk down Main Street and view the old historic buildings that line both sides of the street. Bring your camera take some photos and enjoy everything this little town has to offer, you’ll be glad you did.

The views of the Salt Lake Valley to the west, the Tri-Canyons (Millcreek, Big & Little Cotton wood) were outstanding. It really felt like you could touch the clouds. Our decent was quick but harsh, with steep hills to get you down. This trail goes on the "More Difficult" list for sure. It really is a great place that I will visit again and You Should Too.

Eureka Utah - Utah Outdoor Activities

More Information:

Eureka Utah

15 North Church St.

Eureka, UT 84628

Phone: (435) 433-6915

The Tintic Goldminer’s Inn Bed & Breakfast

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