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I have always heard that this is the most picturesque hot springs that you will ever visit, I would have to agree! Fifth water is located up Diamond Fork canyon. The trail head begins at the Three Forks parking area. The hike to the springs is approx 2.5 miles and the climb has a moderate elevation gain.

You can expect to spend at least three hours on the trail depending on your hiking speed, but don't worry it's well worth it. When you arrive at the springs there are several soaking pools that have been made for your soaking pleasure. The pools closer to the water fall were a little to hot for my liking, of course visiting in the middle of summer could have something to do with the water temperature.

The pools overflow into a small stream that runs beside them, so it is very warm too. You could just find yourself a nice cozy spot and relax there, if the pools are to crowded for your liking, or you want to go for that jetted feel. Every little pool of water provides a soaking opportunity. If you plan to visit Fifth Water carry plenty of water especially if you have kids that will be soaking in the pools, they get dehydrated very fast. This area is also famous for Rattlesnakes on or by the trail. Keep your kids and dogs close to you at all times in the warmer months. Fifth Water hot springs is well worth the visit, I don't know of to many places that you can soak in a natural hot tub and at the same time be surrounded by beautiful scenery.

Driving Directions:

Take I-15 south to the US-6 (Price/Manti) Exit (exit 258) Take the exit east towards the mountains all the way up Spanish Fork canyon for about 11 miles (from the exit) Not too far after the highway turns from one lane each way to two lanes you will see a turn off on the left side of the road that says Diamond Fork. Take that turn off and follow the road until you see a sign that says Three Forks Trail head.

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