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Territorial Statehouse State Park

Fillmore Utah is located approx 148 miles from Salt Lake City and is home to Utah's oldest existing government building, the Territorial Statehouse. Fillmore was the Territorial capitol of Utah for a brief time. Because of Fillmore's distance from the bustling activity in Salt Lake City in 1858 it was decided to return the capitol to its original location.

Have you ever wondered what you could do is this little small Utah town? Fillmore offers a variety of outdoor activities for those seeking to experience everything from unique desert landscapes to high elevation mountain ranges.

To the west of Fillmore stands four extinct Volcanoes, Black Rock, Tabernacle Hill, Red Dome and Pahvant Butte. Each Volcano offers visitors the opportunity to explore Lava Tubes, Lava Fields, Craters and more. To the east, ATV enthusiast can experience the Fillmore leg of the world famous Paiute ATV Trail System. The trail passes through groves of aspens, spruce, juniper, sage brush valleys and provides spectacular views of the Pahvant Valley below. Fillmore would also be a great starting point for those more adventurous ATVer's that would like to spend several days exploring the 230 mile Paiute ATV Trail System which connects with several Utah towns. Some of Fillmore's town roads are open to ATV travel which makes it convenient for ATV travelers to access the trail heads from the many campgrounds and hotels. Whether you fish, hunt, ride, golf, explore or just relax, visit Fillmore and experience all that is awaiting you.

Territorial Statehouse State Park

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Fillmore City Office

75 West Center Street

Fillmore, Utah 84631

Phone: (435) 743-5233

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