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Most fishing lure companies offer a variety of different sizes, colors, and weights. For example, my favorite fishing lure is the Panther Martin, which are made to target different species of fish. With so many options to choose from, how do you know which one to purchase?

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In this article I’m going to share with you the methods I use when choosing a fishing lure, which for me personally depends on the body of water I’m currently fishing for the day. There are probably many opinions on this topic, but the tips I’m going to share with you are my methods that have worked for me over the years. Let's jump into the first thing I think about when choosing a fishing lure.

What type of water do I plan to fish?

When I’m standing in the store looking at all of the different fishing lures the very first thing I think about is what type of body of water do I plan on fishing for the day. Is it a small creek, larger river, a lake, or a small pond? Different types of fishable water may require a different size lure.

What are the characteristics of the body of water?

The next thing I think about is the characteristics of the body of water. For example, if you are fishing a small trout creek ask yourself these following questions. How deep is the creek? How fast is the current? Will you be fishing deep holes, or small shallow holes? For deep holes a larger lure may help you fight the current and get to the bottom faster. However, if you are fishing shallow holes a larger lure may cause more snags and a lot of lost lures verses a smaller size and lighter weighted lure.

What is the average size of fish in the body of water you plan to fish?

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Another thing I think about is the size of fish in the body of water I plan on fishing. Generally, lakes and ponds will hold larger fish, therefore, a larger, heavier weighted lure may be a good choice. However, the average size of fish in a small trout creek maybe 9 to 11 inches. A smaller lure will be more beneficial in this case. Keep in mind just because a body of water may hold larger fish, it doesn’t always mean you should fish with a larger lure. I always start fishing with the smallest lure and adjust the size and weight as needed.

What time of year are you currently fishing?

The time of year you are fishing will also play a huge part in what size of fishing lure you should be using. If you are planning to fish a creek, or river in early spring the runoff would make the current very strong and in most cases very difficult to fish. You would almost have to use a larger weighted lure to target the slower moving water. If you fish the same creek, or river in late summer in most cases the current will be lower or flowing at normal rates. In this case a smaller weighted lure should be just as productive. Fishing in Utah If fishing in the winter months the metabolism of the fish slows down and they will not expend a lot of energy chasing food. The smallest lure possible fished at very slow retrieves will be the best choice in this circumstance.

How about a lake or pond?

In early spring the fish are generally in the upper water column and are actively feeding along the shoreline. In this case a middle weighted fishing lure that allows casting distance should do the trick. In the summer when the water warms the trout will head deeper and a heavier weighted lure will have to be used to target the deeper depths that hold the fish.

Have a variety of fishing lures in your tackle box

Although the methods above are what I use when deciding on what size of fishing lure to use. Having a variety of sizes, colors, and weights on hand will allow you to try different types to see what is working. Fishing is fishing and even though you may have a system or plan sometimes you may have to make adjustments.

Stick with your favorite producing fishing lure

Panther Martin

Like I mentioned earlier in this article my favorite fishing lure that has produced for me since I was a kid is the Panther Martin. My favorite color I will always have in my tackle box is the Panther Martin, Genuine Sliver Plated Blade yellow body with red dots. The four sizes I purchase in a variety of colors are a size 1 1/32oz, size 2 1/16oz, size 4 1/8oz and a size 6 1/4oz. Having these 4 sizes of fishing lures in my tackle box allows me to target just about any body of water in the state.

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