Forest City - Grave Yard Flat

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Forest City - Grave Yard Flat

Forest City was a rough and tough mining town located up American Fork Canyon. The town was located near the mouth of Mary Ellen Gulch and west of Grave Yard Flat. Forest City consisted of a smelter, charcoal furnaces, saw mills, a saloon and an ample store that sold provisions to the miners. Ore from Forest Cities mines consisted of silver, lead, gold, iron and zinc.

In 1878 the town was abandoned like most mining towns were. The ore ran out and richer mines were discovered further up the canyon. Today there is nothing left of Forest City but a small sign that marks a grave site on Grave Yard Flat. In the winter of 1872 a Diphtheria epidemic swept the small town of Forest City. Eleven children who perished were buried at this site. Later additional children and some mining fatalities were also laid to rest at this flat. Approx sixteen people were buried here.

Directions To Grave Yard Flat:

From I-15 take the Alpine exit heading east. This road will take you to American Fork Canyon. Once your heading up the canyon you will come to the Tibble Fork junction. Once at Tibble Fork proceed up the dirt road marked mineral basin. I would recommend a truck with some clearance. The best way would be to ride your ATV from the staging area at Tibble Fork. As your proceed up the road you will come to Mineral Basin trail 295 approx 3.0 miles up the canyon, this is an ATV trail. If you are in a vehicle you may hike a short distance up this trail and you'll be there.

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