Frisco Ghost Town & Cemetery

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Frisco Ghost Town - Utah Outdoor Activities

Located at the base of the San Francisco Mountains is the remnants of the Frisco mining town. Born in 1875 after the discovery of pure Silver, the Frisco mining town sprang up in a matter of weeks and became the west’s most toughest mining camp. Murders were a daily occurrence, and history claims that an average of 12 men per night were killed. This could only explain why the Frisco Cemetery was the biggest in the state at the time.

Frisco grew to a estimated population of over 6,000 people. There were 21 saloons, hotels, gambling halls and a red light district that would have rivaled many towns in the west. Today the charcoal kilns and many of the old buildings still stand. Some of the old mining equipment can still be seen rusting away on the desert floor. The area is littered with open mines, so on your visit pay close attention to where your walking and keep track of your kids. One of the highlights to visiting Frisco is the old Cemetery. The old headstones still exist with engravings dating back to the late 1800’s.

Frisco Ghost Town - Utah Outdoor Activities

While visiting the Cemetery we were dismayed by the vandalism that has been done to this sacred place. Some head stones were tipped over due to weather and erosion, however most were intentionally tipped over and pieces were missing. We spent some time placing these head stones upright and trying to pay our respects the best that we could. If you visit the Cemetery please be respectful of the people laid to rest in this rugged landscape. Also the fence that has protected the kilns from being destroyed has also been tore down. Please don't climb, lean on, or remove items from the kilns. The have stood solid for 100 years, lets protect them for many more generations to come!

If you spend some time exploring this area you are sure to have memorable adventure that you will share with your friends and family for many years to come. Take your metal detectors and explore the old washes for relics, you never know what you may come across. I hope you will go and enjoy the Frisco Ghost Town as much as we did!

Utah Outdoor Activities would like to remind anyone that visits this area to not enter the mines. Not only is this activity illegal but also very, very dangerous. When we approached one of the many mine shafts the gas smell that came from this shaft actually burned our noses from ten feet away. Frisco Ghost Town - Utah Outdoor Activities

If you do enter these mines you do so at your own risk and Utah Outdoor Activities cannot be held responsible for any damages or deaths that may occur. This area is so rich with old relics, buildings and history there is no reason to enter the mines as you can have a safe a wonderful experience above ground. This area is privately owned and Utah Outdoor Activities cannot be held responsible for trespass violations. Please obey all signs that you may come across and respect this area to keep it open for years to come.

Driving Directions:

Beaver to Frisco. From Beaver North MAIN STREET and CENTER STREET, turn right onto W Center ST / UT-21. Continue to follow UT-21 for 30.4 miles. After traveling 30.4 miles you will be in Milford. Follow UT-21 down SOUTH MAIN STREET then turn LEFT on CENTER ST / UT-21. Continue to follow UT-21 for 14.4 miles. From here there are several roads that take off to your right that will take you to the different areas around Frisco.

Frisco Ghost Town - Utah Outdoor Activities

More Information:

Frisco Ghost Town & Cemetery

Frisco Kilns GPS coordinates:

GPS-N38 27.618 W113 15.780

Nearby Towns: Milford Utah

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