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Snow Canyon offers beautiful day hike's through red and white Navajo sandstone, capped by black lava rock. Before hiking in a desert environment like Snow Canyon make sure you are prepared.

Carry at least one liter of water per person. Do not hike alone. Avoid hiking when temperatures are extreme. Otherwise keep your hike short, wear a hat and sunscreen, and bring water.

Climbing the rocks in Snow Canyon is dangerous. They should be attempted only by experienced climbers with the proper equipment.

The distances in the trails listed below are round trip. The trails are in order from the first to the last if you enter the park from Ivins St George.

Whip Trail

6 miles. Easy, level with some slopes. Accessible to physically challenged. Tucked along the canyon bottom this sinuous paved trail is suitable for hiking, jogging, biking and rollerblading.

Johnson Canyon

(Open November 15 to March 1 only) 2 Miles, Easy. Level with some rocky slopes and steps. Boasting the only riparian area in the park, this trail winds through lava flows and red rock to an arch spanning 200 feet.

Jenny's Canyon

(Closed March 31 to June 1) One-half mile, easy. Level with few slopes and steps. Trail leads to narrow, sculpted canyon.

Sand Dunes

One-half mile, easy. Deep sand with some slopes. Trails leads to large expanse of red sand that is an excellent play area for children of all ages.

West Canyon Road

7 Miles, easy. Gravel and sand surface. Fairly level. Trail follows a maintenance road winding past washes and towering cliffs to the mouth of present day Snow Canyon.

Pioneer Names

One-half mile, easy. Fairly level with some steps and slopes. The crescent shaped trail passes pioneer names written in axle grease, dating back to 1883.

Hidden Pinyon

1.5 miles, moderate. Rocky slopes and drop-offs. This self guided nature trail introduces geological features and native plant of the park.

Three Ponds

3.5 miles, moderate. Some rocky slopes, deep sand. Trail winds through sandy washes to mouth of a 40- foot canyon. Potholes eroded in sandstone catch seasonal rain, giving the trail its name.

Petrified Dunes Trail

1 mile, moderate. Some steep slopes, uneven surfaces. This trail crosses massive sandstone outcrops where you may explore sand dunes frozen in time.

Butterfly Trail

2 miles, moderate. Some steep slopes, steps and uneven surfaces. Winding along the west side of Petrified Dunes, this trail leads to West Canyon Overlook and lava tubes.

White Rocks Trail/Lava Flow Overlook

4 Miles, moderate. Some rocky slopes, uneven surfaces. Passing through lava flows, juniper stands and breathtaking views of West Canyon, trail leads to natural amphitheater set in white sandstone.

More Information:

Phone: (435) 628-2255

Park Elevation: 3,100 feet

Nearby City: Ivins / St. George Utah

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