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Inlet Park Hot Springs are located on the north end of Utah Lake. The city has developed a nice path leading to these springs from the parking area at Inlet Park. They are surrounded by nearby housing developments and of course the park, which makes them very popular.

Hot water percolates up through the muddy bottom in several places and the water tends to be roughly 109 degrees at the source. There are three different pools. One large main pool that flows into a smaller pool and then flows into the back pool. The back pool is muddier, cooler and the closest to the lake.

Due to the close proximity of the housing developments and the park these springs are visited frequently by local law enforcement. Please follow these few rules so we can help keep these springs open. Always wear a swimming suit, alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the park or at the springs, and the park and springs close at 10:00 PM. As always clean up your trash, the city has actually provided a trash can by the springs for your use.

Directions: From Salt Lake City head south on I-15 to exit 282. Head west on highway 73. Continue West until you come to Redwood Rd, highway 68. On Redwood Rd turn south for 2.3 miles. On the left hand side of the road there will be a paved road. Turn East on this road. Travel for approx 1/2 mile to a stop sign. Turn North and travel approx 1/4 mile to the Inlet Park Parking Lot. There are two parking lots for this park, you want the furthest one South. Park here and follow the paved trail south into the trees. Approximately 100 yards down the trail you will come to a fork in the trail. In doesn't matter which fork you take as the trail just makes one big circle, and leads right to the springs.

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