Moqui Cave Museum & Gift Shop

While spending the week exploring southern Utah, we were driving down US 89 just outside of Kanab. We were heading to our next destination; the 4 corners monument, when we passed this unique roadside attraction. We continued down the highway for a bit and decided to turn around to see what this “cave” was all about.

Moqui Cave Museum & Gift Shop

The outside of the cave looks liked an ancient Native American cave dwelling. The grounds around the cave featured replicas of ancient dwellings, green grass, and different species of desert plant life. So far, the place was inviting, relaxing, and a great place to stretch the legs.

When we first entered the cave, we were amazed of how large the place was. You could see a large collection of Native American Artifacts, and what appeared to be dinosaur tracks. From here we were greeted by a young gentleman who asked if we wished to tour the cave. At the time of this article the fee was $6 per adult to take a tour of the cave.

As our tour began we learned the Moqui Cave has a very extensive history dating back to 1951. In the beginning the cave was turned into a local dance hall and bar. Moqui Cave Museum & Gift Shop It was a local hang out for those who enjoyed a cool drink, live music, and dancing. Oh, and because the cave never rises above 65 degrees it was a great place to cool off on a hot summer’s day.

Today, the Moqui Cave is a museum which features a large collection of Native American artifacts, dinosaur tracks, fossils, and minerals. Most of these items on display were found locally. The museum is also home to one of the largest Fluorescent Mineral displays in the United States. These minerals naturally glow astonishingly bright colors when placed under an ultraviolet light. After the tour we stopped by the gift shop to browse the large selection of minerals, jewelry, pottery, and more.

If traveling down US 89 towards Kanab, take the time to visit this roadside attraction. We are glad we turned around and spent some time relaxing, learning, and picking up a few souvenirs.

Moqui Cave Museum & Gift Shop

More Information:

Moqui Cave

4581 US-89

Kanab Ut 84741

Phone: 435-644-8525

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