The Morton Thiokol (ATK) Rocket Display

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The Morton Thiokol (ATK) Rocket Display

On a late fall weekend while traveling down State Route 83 towards the Golden Spike National Historic Site I noticed a sign that said "rocket display". Being from Utah I know this state is home to the Morton Thiokol Corporation, the company that manufactures the solid rocket boosters for the NASA Space Shuttle's.

I however had no idea that they had a rocket display. I was really interested in visiting the Golden Spike National Historic Site so I told myself that I would have to see the rocket display next time. As I made my way towards the Golden Spike turn I noticed a very large sign with a picture of the Space Shuttle on it. With my curiosity killing me I decided to continue past the Golden Spike turn off so I could see this rocket display, I'm glad I did!

The rocket display is only a few miles past the Golden Spike turn off and it displays some of the rockets that Morton Thiokol manufactures. Each rocket has a small plague that explains what the rocket is and what it is used for. All though all the rockets on display were very interesting, the one that fascinated me the most was the rocket booster for the Space Shuttle. The Morton Thiokol (ATK) Rocket Display I know the Shuttle is a very large craft but you have no idea until you stand next to this booster, and it takes two to get the shuttle into space! So the next time your heading to the Golden Spike National Historic site or just traveling down I-15 with a little time on your hands, take a little detour and see this incredible display. 


The Morton Thiokol rocket display is approx 25 miles from Brigham City on State Route 83. Once you've visited the rocket display you can continue to travel North on State Route 83 and it will take you to Interstate 84 which you may continue into Idaho, or once on 84 you may cut back to the east and re-connect to I-15.

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