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Mystic Hot Springs is a very unique and original location. I would like to start this article by mentioning the unbelievable people who own/work at Mystic Hot Springs. We truly felt at home, and welcome from the minute we walked through the door. Mike and Victoria made us feel... as if to use the cliche' "what is theirs is mine". This was before we were turned loose on the property to wander at our own free will.

The hot pools were spectacular. The mineral deposits from the water have slowly over time built up beautiful rock formations, that are creating a cascade of water to the large pools, tubs and ponds. The water at the source is a whooping 168 degree's, so needless to mention it must travel through quite an extensive cooling down process. The trails to the source are open for visitors to view, but do not attempt to touch the water at the source for obvious reasons.

Mystic Hot Springs offers two large pools, and five singular bathtubs for soaking. The original pool is quit large, and set up for your basic sit and soak in a social setting. The second pool is deep enough to stand in and cover your shoulders. The five singular bathtubs are set up in two different groups, three in one group, and two in the other. The tubs are your basic standard size tub, comfortable enough for one soaker. The group of two tubs is closest to the water source, which of course would be perfect for those who like it hot. These two tubs site on a hill and offer a beautiful view of the fish ponds below, and the quite little valley of Monroe Utah. The group of three tubs are just down the hill from the first two tubs, so they still offer a beautiful view, and are on the warmer side.

Speaking of the fish ponds, there are six large ponds with tropical fish who are thriving in Utah's diverse climate due to the run off from the springs that heats the ponds to a comfortable 75 degrees year round. They feed the fish daily at 4:00 PM. The kids and adults are welcome to join in, and its the best time to view the fish. If you are interested in spending a few days at Mystic Hot Springs, you could spend it in their 32 site RV park with full hook ups and hot showers and clean bathrooms, or bring your tent. There are several lawns for tent camping in a park-like setting. All sites are close to clean rest rooms and hot showers. If you prefer quite and primitive setting, Mystic Hot Springs has over 100 acres of land that is suitable for backpack camping. Just ask Mike or Victoria where the best sites are and what's available.

Cabins rentals are also available, these rustic cabins have been collected from all over the state by Mike. Some of these cabins date back to the late 1800's. These cabins have been refurbished and made available to you. The cabins have been placed throughout the Mystic Hot Springs property, giving each location its own unique setting.

Mystic Hot Springs offers guests numerous activities on its 175 acre resort. Several hiking and mountain biking trails are available on the property and in the Fish Lake National Forest that adjoins the resort. Mystic Hot Springs also offers ping pong, live music, horse shoes, volley ball and more.

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Phone: 435-527-3286

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Nearby Cities / Towns: Monroe Utah

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