Rocky Mouth Falls - Sandy Utah

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Rocky Mouth Falls

The Rocky Mouth Trail is a great short hike to get out and cool off, on a hot summer day. The Trail head is located at 11300 south Wasatch Blvd. You park in the Wasatch Trail Head Lot, then ascend a railroad tie staircase to the subdivision road. The road curves to the left and on the right, in-between 2 houses, is the trail.

The initial hill is quite steep, but manageable. It levels off to another incline, then follows a foot path to the left, around some snarled Cottonwood trees, past a sealed mine shaft, and another rock formation that has a small cave, but not large enough to enter. The up another small incline and the falls will be in full view. This hike is so short you could even pack in a light camping chair, so you would have a nice place to sit and enjoy the view. This is a great hike for small children, those not accustomed to long elevation hikes or peak climbing. I have seen many children make it up to the falls. It is a great getaway for parents and kids. It gives parents the opportunity to show young people what nature and these mountains are all about. I love to see new faces enjoying the hiking experience for the first time. These mountains have so much to offer us, don’t pass up an opportunity to visit the falls and enjoy what mother nature has provide us so close to home.

Driving Directions:

Once at the intersection of 9400 So. & Wasatch Blvd., continue traveling south 3 more miles on Wasatch Blvd. Watch for an LDS chapel on the right. The trail head parking lot is located on the east side of the road. Address: 11248 S. Wasatch Blvd. (directly East of the LDS Chapel)

Trail Information:

Distance to Falls- ½ miles

Elevation Gain- 280 feet to the falls

Hiking Time- 20-30 min depending on pace, to the top of the falls 1hr

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