Salt Creek Waterfowl Management Area

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Salt Creek Waterfowl Management Area

Located just a few miles past Corrine Utah is the Salt Creek WMA. This WMA was designed to provide habitat for Utah's Waterfowl species. Access to this area is restricted and only open to public use one week prior to the waterfowl hunting season.

The Comptons Knoll wildlife viewing area is open year round for public use. This area provides view points over looking the wetlands. Throughout the year different species of ducks, geese, swans, shorebirds and songbirds use the wetlands for breeding, or as a resting place as they migrate through Utah. Upland game species are also common and the area is open to upland game hunting.

The Salt Creek WMA provides an excellent opportunity for the waterfowl hunter. For the walk in hunter Salt Creek offers several parking and access locations. For those with boats a boat ramp is also available. Here is a list of rules that must be followed when hunting this area. (Provided By The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources)

Motorized Vehicle Access:

Restricted to gravel roads and parking areas. Please don't block any access.

ATV's and Airboats are prohibited.

Salt Creek Waterfowl Management Area

Boat access:

Motorized and non-motorized conventional craft are allowed. Shallow draft motors are recommended. Water depths are typically lees then 14 inches. Deep-water areas exist in borrow areas near most of the dikes.


Restricted to the use of naturally existing non-woody vegetation. Portable blinds of non-native materials can be used, but must be removed daily. The individuals who build or use a non-native material blind will be held responsible for the removal of the structure. See Proclamation for blind regulations.


Camping is allowed after the outer gates have been opened. Please use common sense and caution with campfires. There are no trash cans so take your trash with you.

Hunting, Firearms, and Shooting:

Firearms are prohibited except during the waterfowl hunting season. During season, only shotguns and nontoxic shot can be possessed. The area is closed to fishing, dove and deer hunting. Upland game hunting is allowed and encouraged. See proclamation for legal shooting hours.

If you plan on visiting or hunting this area please follow the rules above and as always check you recent waterfowl proclamation for new rules or regulations that may apply.

Driving Directions:

Take the Corrine exit off I-15. When you get into the town of Corrine follow the signs that point you in the direction of the Golden Spike Historical Site. Travel to 11300 West (Little Mountain county road, west of Little Mountain). You will see a small sign at the edge of a dirt road marked Salt Creek WMA. Travel north on this road to any of the three parking areas.

The North Salt Creek WMA entrance can be accessed via 9600 North and 8400 West.

South Salt Creek WMA entrance can be accessed via 6800 West (Iowa String) and traveling west on 6800 North to Comptons Knoll or the county road parking area or the main parking area by the out houses.

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