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Sand Hollow Reservoir State Park

While vacationing in the St George area the family and I decided to take a day a visit to the new Sand Hollow Reservoir. Hearing about the 15,000 acre stretch of red sand dunes, we made sure we had are four wheelers in tow. The dunes are on the south side of the reservoir. When you arrive at the dunes don't be deceived by narrow appearance of the dunes. When you crest the first hill you will discover the dunes go on and on.

When riding be sure to be prepared for the environment. We found as we crested each hill there was a bigger a better dune further out. It didn't take long before you were several miles away from the staging area. After a hot day on the dunes, we drove the four wheelers down to the lake for a refreshing swim. Just a added bonus for a great day at Sand Hollow Reservoir.

Sand Hollow Reservoir State Park

More Information:

Sand Hollow State Park

P.O. Box 1435

St. George Utah, 84771-1435

Phone: (435)-680-0715

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Utah State Parks Sand Hollow

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Sand Hollow Reservoir

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