Silver Reef - Utah Ghost Towns

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Silver Reef - Utah Ghost Towns

The Silver Reef Ghost Town is surrounded by development and most of the towns buildings and old mining equipment have be closed to public access. It's still worth visiting as you can see some of the old ruins right from the road. Sliver Reef is 1/2 miles northwest of Leeds Utah, and there is an exit right off of I-15 marked Silver Reef.

Silver Reef was said to be discovered in 1869 by a man of the name John Kemple. In 1876 Silver Reef became a bustling mining town with 2000 residents. There were hotels, restaurants, stores, saloons, hospital, and 3 cemeteries that grew in population almost as fast as the town did.

In 1891 the last mine shaft was closed down. Roughly 25 million dollars worth of oar was taken out of Silver Reef in its existence. There is said to be an old Wells Fargo building that is on the National Historical Register, I was unable to locate it.

Silver Reef - Utah Ghost Towns

More Information:

Leeds Town Hall

218 N. Main Street

P.O. Box 460879

Leeds, UT 84746

Phone: 435-879-2447

Leeds Area History

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