Spanish Fork Canyon Shell Fossils

Spanish Fork Canyon Shell Fossils

Located approximately 83 miles from Salt Lake City is a location that one can collect ancient shells and clams. The area is loaded with thousands of shells all in one location. This is a great activity for the kids and adults alike. While digging through the shell rock you never know what ancient treasure you will discover. What is even more interesting is knowing that at one point this area was part of a ancient lake. If collecting in the summer be sure to bring lots of water and protection from the sun.

During the hunting season make sure that you wear an orange hat or shirt while gathering fossils. There are many hunters around this area, and believe me, they are not hunting for fossils.

Directions from Salt Lake City:

1. Take I15 all the way to the Price-Manti exit (highway 6).

2. After exiting the freeway set your mileage at the second stop light to “0" ( McDonalds is to your left of this stoplight).

3. At approximately 28 miles you will come to the Mill Creek Rest area located on the left hand side of highway 6.

Spanish Fork Canyon Shell Fossils

4. Continue past the Mill Creek Rest area 1.5 miles to Sky Line Drive located on your right. This road is marked with a large green sign.

5. When you enter Sky Line Drive reset your mileage to 0.

6. You will then travel up a Sky Line Drive. When you have traveled exactly one mile, to your right you will see a place where the mountain slopes in on both sides and makes a big crevice. You will see chunky shell rock toward the back of this crevice. This is where the fossils are.

There are locations to pull off below and above this location. Make sure you are off the road as this location is popular to ATV travel and other traffic.

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