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Arches National Park

After pitching our camp in the Devils Garden Campground, we noticed a hiking trail right out the back of our campground. It wound through some sand, and then ended up in a rock out crop with a triple arch, and a spectacular wall. As we sat with our first view of our first arch in the park, minus the rock formations on the way into the park. This rock outcrop had a great little bonsai tree in a circular sandstone base.

We decided we could climb to the top of the wall, so across the ravine to the base of the arch we go. It was a small little climb with a great view at the top. With the fiery furnace, the second most famous of the park attractions in the background and the views of the Manti- La Sal Mountains which was crystal clear from up there. 

It was great at the top, the warmest weather I have felt since the end of last summer. Because of the way the arches string along there are three tops you could climb on. The sun was shinning, and the view of the park was beautiful. We spent some time up there then hopped down. At the base of the arch we climbed a small stone outcrop with the sun beating down. The hike back was neat because it was late day sun, and the rocks were glowing red and orange. We saw a jackrabbit on the way back to camp, and followed it for quite some time. Back at camp we were all excited about our first adventure in Arches, but this was just the beginning. As the sun set it was time to get out the food, and relax, what a great way to start off our trip to Arches.

Trail Information:

Distance to Tapestry Arch- 1 mile

Elevation Gain- 250 feet

Hiking Time- 45 min to the top of Tapestry Arch

Nearby Lodging / Campgrounds:

Arches National Park

Devils Garden Campground

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More Information:

Arches National Park

PO Box 907

Moab, UT 84532

Visitor Information: (435) 719-2299

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