ATV Trail # 175 | Logan Canyon

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ATV Trail # 175 | Logan Canyon

This trail head is approx 5.9 miles up the Hardware Ranch Road in Logan Canyon. The trail is mostly surrounded by Quaken Aspen, which swoop over the trail and provide some refreshing shade. This trail is only about 3 miles long, and dead ends at a couple of cattle watering holes.

The kids will really enjoy the little ponds because you can see the salamanders swimming all around. However there were bees everywhere especially the closer you were to the ponds. Once away from the ponds they seemed to leave you alone. There were only two or three locations on this trail were it got a little rough, pretty much just large rocks, and fallen trees to bounce over. There were no steep grades, or severely washed out ruts to contend with so it made for an easy and short trail. Oh and keep your eyes open for cow’s on the trail, they are probably the largest obstacles you will encounter.

Directions To Trail Head:

ATV Trail # 175 | Logan Canyon

The Hardware Ranch Road is located approx 32.8 miles up Logan canyon from Logan Utah and 7.2 miles from Garden City Utah. When you turn off on this road you will be traveling south. Drive 5.9 miles to the trail head.

More Information:

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